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Suns and Lovers – #BarAThon

The golden sparkles
Simmered down on
The quiet green landscape.

A little bird cheeped
It’s goodmorning
As a leaf twirled about
In the gentle wind of dawn.

The land sleepily awoke
From its cozy slumber
A Holy radiance, and beauty
It witnessed in wonder.

Thousand of miles away
Night’s canopy spread
It’s signature fragrance
Seducing all to bed.

The silver orb hung in
Dainty elegance overhead
Soothing troubled hearts
With it’s enchanting spell.

Several precious diamonds
Teased the night with their twinkles
Each of them naughty
But extremely loved to death.

Many were the times
When one couldn’t see the other
Except those rare moments when
They spoke and smiled, as
She said goodnight when he said goodmorning.

What love!
Love that lives on
inspite of being apart
Threading its way
Through light and dark.

The thought that one day
Your other half you will meet
But till then in each other’s hearts
Always hear love’s beat.

Oh yes, it is the love of Suns and Lovers!

This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Note: I’ve never been someone who could follow poetry rules and formats. I just write stanzas that sound good in my head. So please don’t mind the lack of rhyme scheme and format. Thanks!


Venice 🙂

over the tipping point

Over the Tipping Point

over the tipping point

PC: emba.mit.edu

Why oh why
Do you put yourself through this
Every time?

They just don’t care
Except for themselves.
Tchah, tchah my dear
You’re better off
With someone else.

Can’t you see their cold eyes
Their domineering sneer?
Don’t you see the way they smirk
And in your misery cheer?

They don’t deserve you
But more importantly,
You don’t deserve them, you know.
So say your goodbyes or even better
Just walk away saying nothing my dear.

There are others out here
Waiting for your caring words.
Smother them with it,
Make them laugh with tears.

You may feel bad
And drowned in guilt
But don’t ever regret what you did.
Move on, kind child and do not
Ever, even for a second

Look back.

I think every patient, loving person has a limit that people cross way too often. People don’t seem to value or respect those who give them their time and selves. Inspite of that, the patient ones give others chances repeatedly and forgive without even a whimper. This is for every caring, selfless person out there. Sometimes, even though it’s tough, you just have to leave toxic people. For your own sake, be a little selfish sometimes.


shadow - pc offclouds

The Shadow in the Darkness

shadow - pc offclouds

PC: offclouds

There creeped
That familiar sensation again,
Slowing my heart
Numbing my brain
Choking my throat
Sucking my breath

As usual,
A paradox I remained.
Conscious yet unaware,
Distant yet feeling,
As my veins throbbed
And nerves splintered.

A moment and then
In an instant gone.

What madness, what torture
What unholy shenanigan!

It’s my soul’s stalker
The devil lurking in the shadows.
Waiting to pounce and
Consume me whole.

Any time, any time now
It’ll be back.
Stronger, swifter
Wounding my every pore.

Oh make it stop, make it stop!
Before it devours me
Or I… I bow forever.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), an estimated 350 million people suffer from Depression! This disorder can be so severe that it leads to a high incidence of suicides. An estimated 1 million deaths are the result of suicide every year. That’s an alarming number, and a scary one!

I feel very deeply about this illness. I think many of us don’t even know that we may have depression. We need to be more aware and understanding about this condition. We also need to have the courage to accept the reality of having depression, opening ourselves to others to help us through it, and to defeat it slowly but surely.