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Suns and Lovers – #BarAThon

The golden sparkles
Simmered down on
The quiet green landscape.

A little bird cheeped
It’s goodmorning
As a leaf twirled about
In the gentle wind of dawn.

The land sleepily awoke
From its cozy slumber
A Holy radiance, and beauty
It witnessed in wonder.

Thousand of miles away
Night’s canopy spread
It’s signature fragrance
Seducing all to bed.

The silver orb hung in
Dainty elegance overhead
Soothing troubled hearts
With it’s enchanting spell.

Several precious diamonds
Teased the night with their twinkles
Each of them naughty
But extremely loved to death.

Many were the times
When one couldn’t see the other
Except those rare moments when
They spoke and smiled, as
She said goodnight when he said goodmorning.

What love!
Love that lives on
inspite of being apart
Threading its way
Through light and dark.

The thought that one day
Your other half you will meet
But till then in each other’s hearts
Always hear love’s beat.

Oh yes, it is the love of Suns and Lovers!

This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Note: I’ve never been someone who could follow poetry rules and formats. I just write stanzas that sound good in my head. So please don’t mind the lack of rhyme scheme and format. Thanks!


Venice 🙂

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War and Pieces – #BarAThon

Her bosom heaved as the last of the tyrants was swallowed into the depths of the ocean. The waves and winds roared triumphantly, with joyous beats of thunder and spectacular lightning joining in the celebrations of a war deservedly won. The Sun broke in from behind heavy clouds, a sliver of light highlighting her raw beauty.

Those vile creatures had dared to molest and mistreat her without a semblance of guilt for their acts. She had fought back several times but they only ravaged her more. There was only so much one could take.

The ultimatum came when their greed drove them to take complete advantage of her. This time she marshaled all her energy, forces, and strengths to combat them. A deadly rage coursed through every inch of her body. Her eyes reflected ferocity, her hands packed power, and her whole being attacked them with lethal fierceness, that ripped them apart, pieces of them strewn all across the space.

Freedom was hers at last. She was no longer chained to the whims and fancies of others. She was free from degradation and disrespect. She was whole again. She soaked in the peace and love that abounded her. The wind whispered in her ears, the waves danced, and the Sun smiled down at her, blessing her with its beams of rays.

A smile lit her face. All was well again.

People always underestimate my power, she reflected as she rotated on her axis and revolved around the Sun.


This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

barathon, blog-a-rhythm, blogger, blogging, writer, story, short story, life of pi, pie, life of pie


Venice 🙂

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Never have I Ever…!

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Yayiee! 🙂

Hola guys!

This was a Story yet Unwritten, until Now! I was supposed to post this weeks back but well, fell behind schedule due to various personal and professional interruptions.

Anyway, first things first, never have I ever done a proper trek or activity based trip before so this was the first time that I did something beyond usual to me. What’s “this” you ask? Well, ‘this’ was the daunting, the nerve-racking, the adrenaline-pumping WATERFALL RAPPELLING!

This deserves to be told in a friendly bonfire story-telling way, so snuggle up close and hear.. er, read my story.

Once upon a rainy day, a group of 31 folks, strangers, singles and couples alike met for a fun one day trip.

The group had amongst itself an introvert (me) who was a bit shy when meeting people for the first time. However, she was surprised with the ease in which she chatted in gay abandon with others! Good going for her, right?

The gregarious group made their way to their destination Madap off the Mumbai – Pune Expressway by bus. Their trip leader kept them entertained with his swashbuckling tales of adventure and valour.

The now half starved folks soon reached their destination where their growling stomachs greedily stuffed themselves with steaming upma (a spicy semolina preparation), bread-butter sandwiches and hot vada pav (deep fried potato patties stuffed in a bun) provided by the base dhaba/food inn there. Steaming cups of tea completed their meal.

Once re-fuelled, recharged and what-not, the hunger satisfied clan trekked for around an hour to the waterfall. It was a tricky trek. Heavy rain hit them mercilessly as they slipped, tripped and almost flipped  over slippery rocks and loose mud. This was just the beginning but the group of adventurers charged on dauntlessly.

The chivalrous knights in shining armour were ever-ready to help the damsels in distress to jump from rock to rock, leap from heights and cross from here to there.

With much merriment, and at the end of an arduous journey, the group covered in mud and muck were greeted by the exquisite sight of crystalline water gushing and dropping off at… (gulps) 100 ft.


The 100 ft waterfall!


Roaring down


Holy moly!


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