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The Call of the Wind – #BarAThon

When we are young, we experience and attend to the call of the wind easily. It’s almost like breathing. I don’t know any child who has not experienced it. That wild thrill of that faint call growing stronger and louder every second, and before you know it, it sweeps you off your feet, accompanying you in vivid experiences.

When I was younger, I spent half my time in the raptures of the call of the wind. It was my sanctuary, a place of freedom. I could be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted, and experience things that were not possible in my daily life.

The wind never disappointed me. She was my best friend. She kept safe all my secrets, my innermost desires, and thoughts. Never once did she betray me. We loved playing together. Our plans and visions getting wilder and crazier every next time.

But I don’t know when I stopped listening to her call. Maybe when I was deluged with college assignments, or stressing over my workload, or pulling my hair out over bills. Somewhere along the way, we drifted apart. No, scratch that, I drifted away from her.

I think she is still around somewhere, tapping at my door, calling out to me. There are moments when I feel her trying to sneak up on me through some long forgotten memory, a tempting opportunity, or by drawing my focus on others doing better than me.

None of them worked on me and she’s been giving up on me lately. I rarely see her these days. At times, I miss her sorely. She was my refuge during brain-numbing, heart-breaking, soul-wrenching days. And I had ignorantly tossed her aside.

I yearn now to hear the Call of the Wind in her full energetic element. I long for my dearest childhood friend, my partner-in-crime to surprise, hound, and entertain me like before. I truly lived when she was by my side. Without her, I am only existing.

I hope to once more hear the Call of the Wind. I hope once more to let myself free in the company of my loyal friend – Imagination.


This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Venice 🙂

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The Year of Pride – 2016



Half written diaries and planners scramble for space on my bed. Books read, half-read or unread tower on one side, few odds and ends like bookmarks, pens, and paper complete the rugged landscape.

They sort of remind me of the year 2016. Completely messed up, tangled, contorted, confused, and chaotic. Tasks half done, unfinished projects, and plans left in the dust. Yeah, that’s how it was.

I remember when it was just March and I was already wishing that the year would be over soon. I’ve always been one for challenges but 2016 was like a negative vortex, sucking me of all my legendary optimism and will power, shredding them to bits and scattering them far and wide.

Thankfully, the last few months saw the sun peeking through the clouds for me, giving me momentary glimpses of silver linings on the dark clouds.

2016 was not a year without proud moments for myself. They may be little things but I’m proud to have learned to:

  1. Care more about myself
  2. Say NO effectively and straight-forwardly to things I didn’t agree with
  3. Apply ‘Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys’ in life – and loving it!
  4. Invest more time in my blogging through wonderful opportunities by Blogchatter, Blogadda, and The Write Tribe
  5. Not feel guilty about wasting a Sunday just relaxing when my body desperately asks for it
  6. Keep my hopes up that 2017 will be a year just like any other but that I will adapt myself to suit the situations instead of cribbing about them

There. That felt good. It’s good to give yourself a pat on your back sometimes. You deserve it. After all you’ve been through this year, you’re still alive. (Oh, you thought that was for you? Sorry, that was me doing self-talk 😛 – you should try it too, it’s empowering!)

With all said and done, I would like to say, THANK YOU for being here for me. (No, this isn’t self talk now, I’m telling YOU). Your warm comments and likes got me going on the hard days when I hardly had an ounce of energy left in me. Even if you didn’t comment (though I would LOVE it if you did) and just read what I scribbled down here, it made the tough day a little bit lighter and brighter. This may all sound cliche but I mean every word of it.

2016 brought me lovely readers like you. My heartfelt thanks and love goes out to you!

Before we head off into the sunset to 2017, ask yourself, what were the proud moments for you in 2016? Are there any defining moments that made you feel super powerful? Do share and inspire all of us too!

Let’s ROCK 2017!



Venice 🙂

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Why I Believe in the Goodness of People

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A close friend once told me “You always see the best in me.” That phrase struck me as unusual at that time; I was still in school and I could not understand what the big deal was about my seeing the best in her. It just came naturally to me. I believe in the goodness of people.

Over the years, I’ve been aware of how even though I do ‘see’ the faults of people, I choose to focus on their good traits. A frenemy at college was the one who brought forward this awareness in me.

It all happened when I had a bitter argument with a friend of mine and was walking thoroughly upset home with this frenemy. Now, this frenemy had a brilliant, bright, and intelligent mind but had annoying habits like butting in where not needed, usurping the conversation, dominating the scene, and other such things. Inspite of that I tried to seek some goodness in her but was failing miserably.

Sharp as she was, she saw that I was upset and asked if I wanted to head back to college to have a cup of tea. Near to tears, I just nodded and we took an about turn.

Alas, standing at the college gate was the friend I had just argued with. Our other friends too were present there. I averted my face as they chit-chatted with my frenemy. One of them asked “Didn’t you two just head home? Why are you back?” Before I could even think of what to answer, my frenemy cut in at lightning speed, “Oh, our hostel friend asked me to wait here for her as she wanted to come along, so we came back.”

I cannot express the rush of gratitude I felt toward her at that moment. In that one moment all her annoying qualities melted away and her loyalty shone brightly through. That was the moment I realized that I was aware that I had trusted this girl when she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. She hadn’t even asked if I was upset because she knew it. She also saved me from embarrassment without me even vocalizing why I was upset (she didn’t know about the argument I had with my friend). She just knew that she had to step in for me, that I needed someone who just let me be without leaving me alone.

That was the moment when I was aware why I always look for the good in people no matter how twisted they may seem. It’s because goodness runs through each of us. I deeply believe that people can draw immense power from their innate goodness.

You may argue that a criminal, a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist are pure evil. Yes, there may be some like that but that’s another blog topic altogether. This much I can say for now, on them, is that they may not be the same person you think they are if you ask their mother, sister, brother, uncle, friends.

Call me a fool but I believe in the goodness of people, do you?

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