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The Salt of My Life #writebravely

For a long time while I was a child, I thought I was weird. Well, actually I am. No, not weird, but slightly quirky in bits and pieces. You see, I love daydreaming. I observe something and then my imagination blatantly ignores the real world and opens up an enchanting world where anything is possible.

Fish could sail through air, rainbows could be seen underwater, flowers could sing the loveliest tunes, roads made of exquisite jewels, elephants could be as small as ants, we could have dinosaurs as pets, and our houses would be on clouds! Oh, the many magical things have I daydreamed… each one as precious and rare as the next.

My imagination opens the doors to spaces where I can experience a world that exceeds reality. My mind and vision are broadened by what I see and feel. Yes, feel. These daydreams of mine are as real as reality for me.

It is my refuge during days filled with life’s harshness and bitterness. Imagination helps me overcome the most will-breaking days of my life. When I’m in doldrums, my imagination with it’s vivid visions of positivity and brilliance instills me with hope, courage, and strength to pull through and get back to business.

Imagination also fuels my writing. Without it, my writing would be soulless.

If there’s one resource that’s stood the test of time, and been by me through all the shades of life, it is my imagination and my daydreams. They infuse a distinct flavour to life. Perhaps, they’re the salt of my life.

What’s the salt of your life? Do you have a resource that you have or use in life?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 Today’s prompt is to Share about a resource/s you have or use

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5 Minutes – Real Dreams

Sometimes I get dreams that are extremely realistic. The situations and people in them have an ‘everyday-normality’ about them that it doesn’t feel like I’m asleep and dreaming.

Even after I awake, I immediately forget that I dreamed. I feel that ‘oh, this happened yesterday or something.’ Then when I check later to see what happened about so-and-so situation, I find that… it doesn’t exist. It was just something I dreamed. It’s nothing short of creepy sometimes, you know.

Like today, I dreamed that a blogger whose posts I regularly read, had posted a new one. I remembered even the title and went to check out the post. Only, it wasn’t there. Because I dreamed it. Meh! 😐

It gets annoyingly tricky sometimes. Especially if it’s around something important like finance, conversations or arguments. They can be pretty convincing in the dreams. So convincing that when I wake up it’s like walking in a minefield.

I’m not sure if I said what I had said was in reality or in my dream, or if what the other person said was real or not. Yeah, it does feel like a delusion some times.

Some of my dreams feel so real. Like they are happening in an alternate life/space, whatever you want to call it. Thankfully, they aren’t frequent so I don’t get into much trouble.

Ironically, I enjoy dreaming. They let me go beyond the boundaries of daily life. But, real dreams can take the fun out of the whole experience.

Have you too experienced dreams like these? I’m sure I’m not the only one.