The Warning Bells

When will women be safe to live without worrying everyday?

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Guilty as Charged

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I went to the beach,

Wrappers and plastic crackled under my feet.


I sat near the water shore,

The waves brought me bottles, straws, and more.


I walked down bare streets,

There was no respite from the burning heat.


I scanned the vast sky,

Smoky grey puffs ruined the sight.


The fact was crystal clear,

We are all just, murderers.




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Book Review – A to Z of Mental Health

I’ve always been interested in psychology and how the mind and emotions work in people. So, I was glad to see that Arjun Gupta had written an ebook on the A to Z of Mental Health.

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In this day and age where the number of suicides, cases of depression, and emotional turmoil is happening, there is a need for all of us to understand the factors and reasons behind these incidents, and also how to deal with them if it happens to us or our close ones.

About the Book

A to Z of Mental Health tries to explore the various aspects of mental illness that are sometimes ignored. You will finish this book with richer and more meaningful knowledge about mental health and how it affects every person.

What I Liked about the Book

I liked that Arjun has covered some of the most common as well as unknown mental illnesses in his ebook. The topics I liked most from this ebook are:

  1. Armed Forces and Mental Health (We hardly spare a thought for the mental and emotional stress that our soldiers go through while protecting us and our nation – this is a must read!)
  2. Educational Institutes and Mental Health (Students go through enormous pressure during their years of studies and need adequate and proper counselling, guidance, and help during this phase)
  3. Key phrases of Mental Health (It is very important to know how to converse with those who have mental illness. This piece shares the key phrases we can incorporate in our conversations with sufferers)
  4. Repercussions of a Suicide (This piece blew my mind away! Thinking that the people you deal with everyday will be affected by you committing suicide is a misunderstanding. Read this powerful and painfully truthful piece to know the rel repercussions of a suicide)
  5. Self Harm (A poignant piece of advice on self harm and how to avoid doing it. Arjun has also included contact details of help lines pan-India)
  6. Workplace Mental Health (Most working people undergo some form of mental stress at their workplace, this piece shares some solutions that could help employees and entrepreneurs to work inĀ  healthy manner)
  7. Yesteryears of Depression (Can you believe that the Bhagavad Gita, Romans, and Greeks talked about Depression? This piece explores depression in those eras)
  8. Zzz and Mental Health (As a fan of sleeping, I know how important sleep is for our physical and mental well-being. This piece takes a deeper look into the importance of sleep)

My Review

I admire and respect Arjun for sharing his personal experiences with depression and self harm. The fact that he has learnt to cope with them and shares guidance and resources for others in similar situations is commendable. I feel that it is a book everyone should read to get a basic understanding of the various mental health issues existing and how to deal with them.

You can read Arjun’s helpful ebook ‘A to Z of Mental Health’ here.