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War and Pieces – #BarAThon

Her bosom heaved as the last of the tyrants was swallowed into the depths of the ocean. The waves and winds roared triumphantly, with joyous beats of thunder and spectacular lightning joining in the celebrations of a war deservedly won. The Sun broke in from behind heavy clouds, a sliver of light highlighting her raw beauty.

Those vile creatures had dared to molest and mistreat her without a semblance of guilt for their acts. She had fought back several times but they only ravaged her more. There was only so much one could take.

The ultimatum came when their greed drove them to take complete advantage of her. This time she marshaled all her energy, forces, and strengths to combat them. A deadly rage coursed through every inch of her body. Her eyes reflected ferocity, her hands packed power, and her whole being attacked them with lethal fierceness, that ripped them apart, pieces of them strewn all across the space.

Freedom was hers at last. She was no longer chained to the whims and fancies of others. She was free from degradation and disrespect. She was whole again. She soaked in the peace and love that abounded her. The wind whispered in her ears, the waves danced, and the Sun smiled down at her, blessing her with its beams of rays.

A smile lit her face. All was well again.

People always underestimate my power, she reflected as she rotated on her axis and revolved around the Sun.


This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Venice 🙂

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Ice and Men – #BarAThon

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If you saw us right now, you would think we were lunatics escaped from a high-secure asylum.

And why not?

With ridiculous gestures, manic expressions on our faces and in varying poises, we looked every bit ready for someone to strait-jacket us.

You’re probably wondering what the hell I am drawling about. Well it all started with Burpy Ben claiming that he knew a fella who could hold 10 ice cubes in his mouth for a minute.

We rubbished and called it a blasted lie equal to the theory of crop circles made by aliens. Like, why would aliens even ASSUME that we morons were intelligent enough to decipher their agri-artistic codes? Absolute tosh we said.

Burpy Ben unfortunately didn’t see it as we did, he never does, and proceeded to bet that he would prove it to us by doing it himself.

We strongly objected as it would be a waste of the ice cubes in his mouth rather than in our glasses of rich whiskey.

Burpy Ben steam-rollered us and started stuffing his wide oral cavity with ice cubes. He always had to have it his way, the dratted old bumblehead. Continue reading

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Life of Pie – BarAThon

There she was, waiting for me at the table. Warm, sweet, with her wonderful scent weaving seduction through the air. She captivated me with her deep dimples and her radiant crisp looks. She was teasing me, I knew it.

She was cloaked in a tantalizing golden brown dress that only served to weaken my control from heading over to her side and devouring her then and there. Who cared about the consequences?

Plus, it was getting hard to just stand and watch as other’s eyes too strayed to her voluptuous figure and sexy curves. Their tongues furtively licked their lips as she stood there demurely, playing with all of our desires.

I couldn’t take it anymore. She was mine. All mine!

Manners, etiquette, and courtesies be damned!

I took one step forward, and all eyes in perfect unison latched onto me.

A second step and whispered gasps snipped the tense air.

A third step, and eyes switched between her and me.

A fourth step and I was just in reach of her.

A fifth step and pandemonium descended.

Hands grabbed at her, everyone was fighting. Sounds of punches, kicks, and elbows in the face filled the air. But no one cared. This was a do or die situation. She was worth the bruises.

The life of the most delicious Apple Pie of our hostess Mrs. Bhatia was reduced to crumbs as we gazed on dreamily licking our fingers, wishing wistfully for an extra slice.

I mentally paid my respects and gratitude to the life of pie that lasted just 7 minutes since she was born.

I soon forgot about the sweet pie as Mrs. Bhatia laid out bowls of sizzling chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate streaming over it. Oh she was extremely HOT, this one! I just couldn’t resist her sinful beauty.

Adieu dear friend, I have a ravishing brownie to relish.

This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

barathon, blog-a-rhythm, blogger, blogging, writer, story, short story, life of pi, pie, life of pie


Venice 🙂