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The Year of Pride – 2016



Half written diaries and planners scramble for space on my bed. Books read, half-read or unread tower on one side, few odds and ends like bookmarks, pens, and paper complete the rugged landscape.

They sort of remind me of the year 2016. Completely messed up, tangled, contorted, confused, and chaotic. Tasks half done, unfinished projects, and plans left in the dust. Yeah, that’s how it was.

I remember when it was just March and I was already wishing that the year would be over soon. I’ve always been one for challenges but 2016 was like a negative vortex, sucking me of all my legendary optimism and will power, shredding them to bits and scattering them far and wide.

Thankfully, the last few months saw the sun peeking through the clouds for me, giving me momentary glimpses of silver linings on the dark clouds.

2016 was not a year without proud moments for myself. They may be little things but I’m proud to have learned to:

  1. Care more about myself
  2. Say NO effectively and straight-forwardly to things I didn’t agree with
  3. Apply ‘Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys’ in life – and loving it!
  4. Invest more time in my blogging through wonderful opportunities by Blogchatter, Blogadda, and The Write Tribe
  5. Not feel guilty about wasting a Sunday just relaxing when my body desperately asks for it
  6. Keep my hopes up that 2017 will be a year just like any other but that I will adapt myself to suit the situations instead of cribbing about them

There. That felt good. It’s good to give yourself a pat on your back sometimes. You deserve it. After all you’ve been through this year, you’re still alive. (Oh, you thought that was for you? Sorry, that was me doing self-talk 😛 – you should try it too, it’s empowering!)

With all said and done, I would like to say, THANK YOU for being here for me. (No, this isn’t self talk now, I’m telling YOU). Your warm comments and likes got me going on the hard days when I hardly had an ounce of energy left in me. Even if you didn’t comment (though I would LOVE it if you did) and just read what I scribbled down here, it made the tough day a little bit lighter and brighter. This may all sound cliche but I mean every word of it.

2016 brought me lovely readers like you. My heartfelt thanks and love goes out to you!

Before we head off into the sunset to 2017, ask yourself, what were the proud moments for you in 2016? Are there any defining moments that made you feel super powerful? Do share and inspire all of us too!

Let’s ROCK 2017!



Venice 🙂

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Affimity – Where Passion meets Friendship

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As a social media buff, I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Ello, Stumble – I am on all of these social media sites and still look out for more!

So, imagine my thrill when I recently came across a new social network that was centered around interest-specific channels like food, health, beauty, parenting among others. This new site is called ‘AFFIMITY‘. It is quite an apt name which the founders explain is the merging of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It’s a good beginning.

Here’s some more info about it if you’re as much as a social media nerd like me and are looking for an audience that matches your interests.

The home page is neat with Affimity’s logo at the top left corner, a call-out to ‘write something’ in the middle and the interests lined up below which are the general posts posted by users.

affimity, social media, sponsor review

Signing up is easy. You can choose to connect through Facebook or through your email ID. I chose to sign up through my email and it took me less than a minute to gain access into Affimity. Once logged in, Affimity takes you on a tour of the site and how to use it. It’s pretty user-friendly so it’s easy to start off posting.

affimity, login process, sponsor review

I posted a recipe on Buttery Lemon Garlic Rice in the afternoon and found 48 likes by evening! I never get this many likes even on Facebook or Pinterest! It felt good that people are viewing and actively letting you know that they liked what you posted.

affimity, social media, sponsor review, food, recipe

Posting is a piece of cake. All you have to do is click on the ‘Write something’ button and it pops out to show a small window for writing your content. It features your normal text formatting tools like BOLD, Italic , paragraph, heading structures, indents and the rest. At the top of the pop out you have three options – Post, Question, and Poll. Post is any normal information that you want to share with your audience and friends, Question is a query you have – you can pose it and leave it open for the audience to answer, and Poll, well, if you want to check out what the majority thinks about any topic – feel free to post a poll.

You can share the post, question or poll in their specific categories, and also choose who you want to share it with – friends, acquaintances etc.

affimity, social media, sponsor review

Once you share your post, people can like, comment, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and through Email.

affimity, social media, sponsor review

Affimity is a great place to meet like-minded people and encourage one another. It’s a fantastic place to come across interesting people with their ingenious ideas.

You can make new friends, follow people whose curation you like and above all indulge in what interests you!

I found Affimity a much smoother and easier to navigate and use than most other social networks till now.

Do give it a go if you’re looking for finding and meeting an audience for your interests. Check it out here.

And hey, do follow me at VeniceRowe if you like tips on food, recipes, books and music. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Venice 🙂

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Halloween Shots – Cheese Pizza

halloween shots, halloween, cheese pizza, daily chatter, ubc, ultimate blogging challenge, horror, spooky, ghost, blogchatter

He was alone at home. For the very first time in Nick’s 15 years of life, the house was all to himself.

His parents would return only around 3 in the morning. That gave him 6 hours of complete freedom to eat what he wanted, watch whatever piqued his interest and stay up all night!

First, he switched on the television, second ordered a large pizza with extra cheese, third turned off the lights, and fourth plonked himself on the cozy couch.

An hour had passed and there was no sign of the pizza. He called up the outlet who said it was on its way. No sooner had he disconnected the call when a loud RAP sounded on the door.

Wondering why the pizza delivery guy didn’t ring the bell, he opened the door. The pizza guy stood with a lopsided grin on his face.

“Your pizza Sir” he rasped.

“Thanks. Why didn’t you ring the doorbell?” enquired Nick while relieving the pizza parcel from the delivery guy.

“Didn’t see ‘em” replied the guy enigmatically.

Nick just shrugged and handed over the money.

“Well, I be going then” rasped the pizza guy. He tipped his cap and turned away.

He paused and looked back with shifty eyes, “Be a good boy, won’t ya” saying so he left a nonplussed Nick still standing with the door slightly ajar.

The roar of the pizza guy’s bike broke Nick from his daze. Shutting the door, he kept the pizza on the table and headed off to his father’s desk drawer. He rifled through files and papers until his hand felt the metallic discs. Withdrawing them and chuckling to himself, he headed back and slotted the first disc into the drive.

These CDs were a great treasure find. He was surprised his father didn’t keep them more well guarded or hidden.

Taking a piece of pizza, he stretched himself out enjoying the pleasures.

When the first CD finished, he inserted the second one.

He reached out for another slice of pizza but felt something sticky.

Blood was oozing from the pizza.

“EAT!” growled a menacing voice.

Every hair on Nick stood on end.

“E-E-EAT!!” bellowed the ghoulish voice……

“N-n-noo” whimpered Nick.


snapped the malicious voice.

A huge slice of pizza was stuffed in Nick’s unwilling mouth. It pushed itself in relentlessly, forcing itself down his throat.

There was no air, no way to scream. Nick gasped and thrashed around on the floor.

“You should have been a good boy” came a raspy whisper.


Mrs. Carter cried inconsolably as the doctor pronounced Nick dead due to choking.

No one noticed a pizza guy with a lopsided grin who rode down the road on his bike. “Be good” his whispered chant trailed behind him.


This post is written for Day 14 of #UBC and #DailyChatter



Venice 🙂