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The Salt of My Life #writebravely

For a long time while I was a child, I thought I was weird. Well, actually I am. No, not weird, but slightly quirky in bits and pieces. You see, I love daydreaming. I observe something and then my imagination blatantly ignores the real world and opens up an enchanting world where anything is possible.

Fish could sail through air, rainbows could be seen underwater, flowers could sing the loveliest tunes, roads made of exquisite jewels, elephants could be as small as ants, we could have dinosaurs as pets, and our houses would be on clouds! Oh, the many magical things have I daydreamed… each one as precious and rare as the next.

My imagination opens the doors to spaces where I can experience a world that exceeds reality. My mind and vision are broadened by what I see and feel. Yes, feel. These daydreams of mine are as real as reality for me.

It is my refuge during days filled with life’s harshness and bitterness. Imagination helps me overcome the most will-breaking days of my life. When I’m in doldrums, my imagination with it’s vivid visions of positivity and brilliance instills me with hope, courage, and strength to pull through and get back to business.

Imagination also fuels my writing. Without it, my writing would be soulless.

If there’s one resource that’s stood the test of time, and been by me through all the shades of life, it is my imagination and my daydreams. They infuse a distinct flavour to life. Perhaps, they’re the salt of my life.

What’s the salt of your life? Do you have a resource that you have or use in life?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 Today’s prompt is to Share about a resource/s you have or use

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Venice 🙂


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A World of Treasure #writebravely

I found a treasure trove when I was a wee tot of 4 years. Nothing seemed as fascinating, glorious, and magical as this wonderful treasure filled with riches and gems! Day and night it kept me enraptured by its spell. I spent hours with it, forgetting meals, mundane life routines, and social life. They were nothing, nothing compared to my valuable treasure. I had fallen irrevocably in love with it!

Yes, friends, I was wholly consumed by the world of books. Humour, thrillers, mysteries, horror, romance, classics, surrealism, adventures, action, and more were all lapped up by me. My appetite only grows as I come across more authors and books every little while.

There’s nothing more relaxing and self-rewarding than settling with a good book and reading for hours, uninterrupted. Fellow book lovers will understand how awesome it is to be able to read a book without hindrance. Ahh… that is true bliss.

Many a night have I lost sleep, and deteriorated my eyesight as I stayed up reading until my eyes shut down by themselves. Morning would find me puff eyed, dark circles adorning my eyes, with a book laying by my side – the perfect companion, indeed.

These days, I read novels on my phone, so mostly it’s my phone lying beside me with the last read chapter open – so then I take off again from where I last left off. The romance continues as I travel to work, and return from work. I try not to read at my workplace because I’ll get fired for paying more attention to reading my book than attending to my duties, gulp!

Books are my lifelong friends, my treasure trove that contains gems of wisdom, and rich imagination. It’s a space where I get to meet more interesting characters than I would at any social event, it’s a place that takes me places I’ve never been before, it’s a world that introduces me to mouthwatering delicacies, amazing cultures, breathtaking scenarios, and vivid ideas… what better treasure can one find in one place?

Here’s a glimpse of the jewels in my treasure box:

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What’s your treasure? Have you found it yet?

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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Venice 🙂

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The Call of the Wind – #BarAThon

When we are young, we experience and attend to the call of the wind easily. It’s almost like breathing. I don’t know any child who has not experienced it. That wild thrill of that faint call growing stronger and louder every second, and before you know it, it sweeps you off your feet, accompanying you in vivid experiences.

When I was younger, I spent half my time in the raptures of the call of the wind. It was my sanctuary, a place of freedom. I could be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted, and experience things that were not possible in my daily life.

The wind never disappointed me. She was my best friend. She kept safe all my secrets, my innermost desires, and thoughts. Never once did she betray me. We loved playing together. Our plans and visions getting wilder and crazier every next time.

But I don’t know when I stopped listening to her call. Maybe when I was deluged with college assignments, or stressing over my workload, or pulling my hair out over bills. Somewhere along the way, we drifted apart. No, scratch that, I drifted away from her.

I think she is still around somewhere, tapping at my door, calling out to me. There are moments when I feel her trying to sneak up on me through some long forgotten memory, a tempting opportunity, or by drawing my focus on others doing better than me.

None of them worked on me and she’s been giving up on me lately. I rarely see her these days. At times, I miss her sorely. She was my refuge during brain-numbing, heart-breaking, soul-wrenching days. And I had ignorantly tossed her aside.

I yearn now to hear the Call of the Wind in her full energetic element. I long for my dearest childhood friend, my partner-in-crime to surprise, hound, and entertain me like before. I truly lived when she was by my side. Without her, I am only existing.

I hope to once more hear the Call of the Wind. I hope once more to let myself free in the company of my loyal friend – Imagination.


This post has been written for the fortnight long #BarAThon challenge organized by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Venice 🙂