Uncommon Sense

Sometimes I think that people do not have the two C’sCommon sense and Courtesy.

I say this because there have been several times when strangers have asked for a drink from the water bottle that I carry in my backpack’s outer pocket.

I always give it to them, happy in the knowledge that I could help someone quench their thirst.

However, most of the times, an alarming 85% at that, people empty my whole bottle of water leaving not even a drop for me! I have to then wait till I get home or to my office to fill my bottle and satisfy my own thirst. I do not like asking for water from others unless I’m desperately thirsty (which is rare for me).

It is basic common sense and courtesy to leave at least a little amount of water for the person who has given it with a good heart.

I don’t know how these people can be fine with completely finishing someone else’s water. How does it not strike them that the person giving them water needs to drink too!?

I’ve experienced this so many times that I now pack my bottle inside my backpack. I don’t mind sharing my water but I do mind someone senselessly, inconsiderately, and uncourteously finishing all my water.

Have you ever experienced the same? Do you too mind people acting like this?

A disappointed Venice signing off for now..

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Book Review – Finding your Writing Flow ~ Sona Grover

If you’re like me who is stuck in a non-writing mode and want to just get OUT of the rut, then Sona Grover’s ebook Finding your Writing Flow can help you realize what is holding you back and how you can get back to writing.

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All of us have, at some point of time, experienced a stagnant writing period. Finding the time, energy, or passion to write is a task. Sona has explored these common phases and has neatly illustrated realistic ways to express ourselves through our writings.

About the Book

Simple and profound at the same time, this little book guides you through self doubt, offering tips to help you find inspiration, staying productive, getting better at your craft and renewing yourself as a writer.

What I Liked about the Book

Sona’s words connects with you instantly through her personal experiences, and solutions to common issues faced by writers the world over. She asks pertinent questions that make you think why you are a writer and how you want to be a good writer. Some of the chapters that struck a chord with me are:

  1. Ways to Greater Creativity
  2. Keep the Inspiration Strong
  3. Finding your Authentic Voice
  4. Powerful Ways to Self-Renewal

My Review

This is a handy guide for writers who need a helping hand in being a writer again. Sona encapsulates key points and solutions that will help you return to writing. Her deep insights provide a steady foothold to grow as a writer in the long run. Her friendly, warm tone blended with firm advice makes for a motivational read. If you need a gentle nudge to write once more, Sona’s ‘Finding your Writing Flow’ will help you start on the ‘write’ track 😉

You can read Sona Grover’s e-book Finding Your Writing Flow here.



Venice 🙂