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Half Girlfriend – Two in One

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He was the naughtiest kid in class. A permanent smirk played on his lips – almost like his mind was constantly thinking up pranks to play on ‘innocent’ people like the rude teacher, the surly watchman, or the class bullies. He went by the name of ‘Rudie the Rowdie’. His real name? Rudraksh.

She was the reserved, charming, studious girl. Kind-hearted with just a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, she ruled the hearts of many. Though she was popular, she kept to herself and her tight group of friends. No she wasn’t snooty or vain, just shy. Everyone called her by a name she disliked ‘Pari’. Her real name? Aarya.

Incredibly, the two of them were close friends. They had grown up on the same street together and had shared adventures in their childhood that had bonded them for life. Their friends never understood how two such characteristically different people could be friends let alone share a unique friendship.

What was unique was that when they were together, their characteristics and personalities blended. She became more mischievous, and he more considerate. Together they were a lethal combination, unleashing their creative imaginations with bold pranks on the neighourhood, as well as bursting with innovative ideas for school and community events.

Predictably, they were the perfect fodder for gossip. They were always linked to one another by their classmates, and the neighbourhood aunties always speculated about their marriage. However, neither of them entertained such thoughts. For each other, they were simply besties for life.

Time went by and found Rudie pursuing his journalism course in New York while Pari delved into graphic designing. They still continued to chat with each other through mails. Strangely, the distance brought them even closer than before. Every small detail of the day was shared over their daily chat at 9pm. Both looked forward with great anticipation for this coveted time.

Pari mentioned one day about a guy asking her out on a date. She asked Rudie if she should go for it. Rudie said it was her choice entirely. If she felt the guy was good then no harm. Pari decided to give it a shot. She went out and to her surprise enjoyed the date. She told Rudie about all that happened at the date. Rudie listened as she chattered on endlessly about the guy.  It was the first time he cut their chat early citing study pressure as a reason.

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Never have I Ever…!

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Yayiee! 🙂

Hola guys!

This was a Story yet Unwritten, until Now! I was supposed to post this weeks back but well, fell behind schedule due to various personal and professional interruptions.

Anyway, first things first, never have I ever done a proper trek or activity based trip before so this was the first time that I did something beyond usual to me. What’s “this” you ask? Well, ‘this’ was the daunting, the nerve-racking, the adrenaline-pumping WATERFALL RAPPELLING!

This deserves to be told in a friendly bonfire story-telling way, so snuggle up close and hear.. er, read my story.

Once upon a rainy day, a group of 31 folks, strangers, singles and couples alike met for a fun one day trip.

The group had amongst itself an introvert (me) who was a bit shy when meeting people for the first time. However, she was surprised with the ease in which she chatted in gay abandon with others! Good going for her, right?

The gregarious group made their way to their destination Madap off the Mumbai – Pune Expressway by bus. Their trip leader kept them entertained with his swashbuckling tales of adventure and valour.

The now half starved folks soon reached their destination where their growling stomachs greedily stuffed themselves with steaming upma (a spicy semolina preparation), bread-butter sandwiches and hot vada pav (deep fried potato patties stuffed in a bun) provided by the base dhaba/food inn there. Steaming cups of tea completed their meal.

Once re-fuelled, recharged and what-not, the hunger satisfied clan trekked for around an hour to the waterfall. It was a tricky trek. Heavy rain hit them mercilessly as they slipped, tripped and almost flipped  over slippery rocks and loose mud. This was just the beginning but the group of adventurers charged on dauntlessly.

The chivalrous knights in shining armour were ever-ready to help the damsels in distress to jump from rock to rock, leap from heights and cross from here to there.

With much merriment, and at the end of an arduous journey, the group covered in mud and muck were greeted by the exquisite sight of crystalline water gushing and dropping off at… (gulps) 100 ft.


The 100 ft waterfall!


Roaring down


Holy moly!


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