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Book Review – Wheels of Time ~ Nidhi Garg

If you love stories that are thought-provoking, insightful, and inspiring to read, then Wheels of Time by Nidhi Garg is the perfect read for you.

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About the Book

This ebook features 12 short and sweet tales that revolve around life, people, and situations. The stories cover topics like coping with death of a loved one, love, family bonds, and friendship besides others. The endings have a slight twist that engages you to think over things and gain new perspectives.

What I Liked about the Book

  1. Easy, simple, reader-friendly language by Nidhi makes for a smooth reading experience.
  2. The story concepts are unique while being realistic.
  3. All the stories have a good pace, not too fast and not too slow – it’s a leisure read.
  4. Nidhi has worked on providing a beautiful visual experience for the reader by using a sepia toned gradient background that’s easy on the eyes.

My Review

Nidhi has written stories that makes the reader see beyond face value of everyday instances, relationships, feelings, and thoughts. She has a good hold over the story and characters that keep you reading till the end.

The writing needs a bit of polishing, mainly the grammar, articles, and tenses. As interesting as the stories are, a good bit of editing can tighten up the scripts and make them more enjoyable.

Stories to Look out for

All the stories are beautiful, but three stories that stood out for me were:

  1. Zest of Life
  2. Be so Happy
  3. Listen from Heart

I’m sure you will find your own favourite stories in Wheels of Time, who knows, you may even find answers to life’s puzzles in here!

Read Nidhi’s wonderful stories by clicking the link below! 

Wheels of Time ~ Nidhi Garg


About the author: 

GS Nidhi is a ferocious reader who believes, “A writing pad and books are your best friends.” She started her blog almost 5 years back, “https://gratitude2wardslife.blog/” She dedicates this book to herself and her Late mother.

Book Blurb: 

These are 12 people, 12 tales and 12 months. Which says “When The Unexpected Leads to Expected.”


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Happy reading!!!



Venice 🙂


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