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The Map to Wonderland #writebravely

His eyes roved over the ethereal landscape spread before him on the floor. He traced a finger down beautiful lengthy roads, a deep valley, a pristine plain, gorgeous mountains topped with stunning peaks, two ponds of mysterious allure, and a cave filled with the moistness of a wild sea.

Nature’s design had him captivated. His finger paused, lingered, and wound along every curve and bend. His heart beat faster – it was thrilling, exciting, beyond anything he had ever experienced before.

Something snapped within him. He yielded to the tempting vista with a wild fervor.


… A passionate moan escaped her as he traced the map of her body fervently with flaming lips this time…

Her body was his treasure map, a map that led him to wonderland.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6  Today’s prompt is to Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual.

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Venice 🙂



14 thoughts on “The Map to Wonderland #writebravely

  1. Oh my Venice the imagery is stunning. I read it twice over to savour the words n the picture it was depicting. Wonderfully done and I must say a unique take on the prompt. Cheers

    • It was difficult to write Shal. I spent the whole day browsing different ideas for the prompt and this one just popped in at 23:00 hrs and I KNEW it was the one I had been searching for. I’m glad it came out well because I was afraid it didn’t match how I had thought it out in my head.

    • Hehe… I enjoy making my brain and imagination work a bit extra. Was still doubtful about the effect of this post but I’m glad it’s not fared badly. The prompt said feature a map, so there’s a map… 😛

  2. I read it twice too…once with the image of a landscape in mind and then when I actually got it, I just had to read it again with a completely different image in mind! Words are amazing aren’t they! And you have used them beautifully.

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