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Halloween Shots – The Ribbon of Light

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She ran her fingers around the thin silver band. She slid her fingers slowly on the symbols engraved on it, feeling their grooves against the metal. Lastly, she touched each charm that hung from it, and enjoyed jangling a tiny bunch of bells at the end of it.

“It’s an anklet, just came in yesterday” said the woman behind the counter. “Heard it has a dark history. People say it’s bad luck.”

“Ooh, tough luck for them” replied Tess, “I love collecting notorious items like this. They’re harmless, and I love proving the rumours wrong” she chirped, examining the anklet.

“Oh well, it’s just my duty to inform my customers. I warned you, it’s up to you now.” said the woman.

“How much?” asked Tess.

A short haggle followed with a smiling Tess walking out the door, anklet wrapped in her handbag.

“I have a bad feeling about this” muttered the woman as she watched Tess drive away.


Tess drew out the anklet.

In the soft dim lights of her bedroom, the anklet sparkled and tinkled.

The symbols seemed to be an inscription, she wondered what it said.

She bent down and clasped it around her ankle.

It lay cold against her warm foot – a ribbon of light.

She stood up and took one step forward.


The terrifying sound resounded in her room.

In one moment, her ankle was viciously torn from its hinge and turned backward.

She collapsed as her neck snapped and turned backward too.


This post is written for Day 10 of #UBC and #DailyChatter

To my dear reader: Any guesses what the inscription was? Run your imagination wild!



Venice 🙂




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