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Halloween Shots – Blueberry Cottage

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Sweat glistened on her entire body.

Her new home finally looked like a home. She had spent the entire day unpacking and arranging everything.

She paused, admiring her new place. It was in a tiny neighbourhood with small houses spaced 50 feet apart. Her house even had a name – Blueberry Cottage! She loved it instantly. It had a tiny garden out front for which she already had plans. Her neighbours seemed friendly while respectful of each other’s space and privacy. Joy bubbled in her thinking about all this and a smile crossed her lips.

Happy as she was, she was also beat tired.

Every inch of her body and muscles ached.

A warm shower sounded like heaven.

She picked out her towel from her newly stocked cupboard and headed toward the bathroom.

She stepped into the shower and turned the faucet on.

As the hot water drenched her, a tiny niggling thought wriggled to the front of her mind.

All her neighbours had a peculiar expression in their eyes when they had come over.

She couldn’t shake off the strange feeling their expressions evoked.

However, she soon forgot about her neighbours as the warm water soothed her.

She stepped out of the shower few minutes later.

Her breath caught in her throat.

On the fogged up bathroom window written from the inside were the words

We are watching you…

She had locked the bathroom door from the inside. How could it be…?

From behind her came a hoarse laugh, an evil cackle and a childish giggle.

Then everything went black.

1 month later

HOUSE FOR RENT said the sign on the flowerbed of the pretty, small Blueberry Cottage.

Three pale faces grinned maliciously from the window as a young couple and a broker came through the gate.

A hoarse laugh, an evil cackle, and a childish giggle echoed through the vacant rooms of the house.


This post is written for Day 7 of #UBC and #DailyChatter 



Venice 🙂



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