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Halloween Shots – Midnight Blue

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“Tonight. Tonight is going to be MAGICAL!” Faye thought excitedly as she donned the gown she had bought earlier that day.

It was a steal. This magnificent midnight blue ruffled gown with its sparkling sheer top. It looked like a clear night filled with twinkling stars draped on her. Rapturously beautiful – that’s how she looked and felt!

“I can’t wait to see Aaron’s reaction when he sees me in this!” She twirled to one side, reveling in the swish of the gown. She took a deep breath in “He’s going to propose tonight, I know it. And this gown,” she twirled again, “This gown will make sure that he does!”

She paused, noting how the contrast of the gown’s midnight blue illuminated her creamy skin. ‘Like the moon’ she whispered to herself.

It was surprising to get this gown at such a low cost. The shop was one she had just strolled into during her shopping. A small scroll at its door proclaimed it sold vintage gowns. Now that she thought of it, she couldn’t recollect  ever having seen it before. The owner was the sole person who handled everything.

She whipped around and admired the way it fit her so snugly.

Then another thought struck her. She had never seen the owner’s face the entire time. The lights were all directed at the gowns hanging in a line. The rest of the shop… was dark. How had she not noticed it when she was there?

The owner had left her to browse and select on her own. Even for the payment, the owner stood behind the main desk in the shadows.

“So weird” Faye muttered.

“This beauty is mine now!” She took another swish and twirl before her full length mirror.

“NO! IT’S MINE!” shrieked an unearthly voice. The mirror shuddered violently and smashed down on Faye.

The last thing she saw was a snarling mouth and flaming eyes on the face of the woman in the mirror.


This post is written for Day 6 of #UBC and #DailyChatter 

P.S: Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying these Halloween Shots and getting thrills and spooks from them. Feedback is welcome as I’d like to build on my story-telling skills. Thanks for all your love and support!



Venice 🙂


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