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Halloween Shots – 15 Steps more


Halloween Shots, Daily chatter, halloween, ultimate blogging challenge, UBC, horror, spooky, ghost

A bleak sun peeped from the vast grey clouds that dominated the landscape.

The piercing wind scratched and howled its way around the town.

Snuggled in her overcoat and woolen cap, Rita cursed herself for forgetting her gloves.

She rubbed her hands together, cupped them and blew on them.

It didn’t help that her nose was almost frozen from the nipping winter air.

She started on her way home. It was just a 10 minutes walk from where she was.

A vast dark cloud settled heavily obscuring the sun. An eerie silence fell all over. A shiver ran through Rita’s spine. It was as dark as night now.

“Just 15 steps more” Rita told herself, attempting to walk bravely through the oppressive darkness.

She stepped forward. The morbid darkness swallowed her before she could even scream!

The clouds parted, and the sun shone benignly on the little town bustling with people on their usual daily errands.

The imprint of half a foot in mid-stride went unnoticed.

It was 15 steps away from Rita’s home.


This post is written for Day 5 of #UBC and #DailyChatter 



Venice 🙂


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