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Halloween Shots – The Comb

halloween shots, the comb, daily chatter, blogchatter, ultimate blogging challenge, horror, ghost

Lustrous, long, wavy, rich brown hair cascaded to her waist.

It was the envy of all.

Pretty, beautiful combs lined her dressing table.

Jewelled, embellished, dainty printed ones and pastel shaded combs – she treasured them all.

She ran her favourite emerald studded comb through her hair, staring transfixed at the sterling beauty of the green against her chocolate brown hair.

She whipped her head to one side, continuing to relish the feel of the comb glide through her silky tresses.

She stood stock still. Her scream muted. Cold, sharp, invisible fingers combed through her scalp and down her long mane.


This post is written for Day 3 of #UBC and #DailyChatter 

P.S: This one sent chills up my spine as I was writing it. Do let me know how I can improve – would be glad to get some feedback! Thanks and hope the Halloween Shots are chilling your marrow 😛



Venice 🙂


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