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Why I Believe in the Goodness of People

why i believe in the goodness of people, my friend alexa, blogchatter

A close friend once told me “You always see the best in me.” That phrase struck me as unusual at that time; I was still in school and I could not understand what the big deal was about my seeing the best in her. It just came naturally to me. I believe in the goodness of people.

Over the years, I’ve been aware of how even though I do ‘see’ the faults of people, I choose to focus on their good traits. A frenemy at college was the one who brought forward this awareness in me.

It all happened when I had a bitter argument with a friend of mine and was walking thoroughly upset home with this frenemy. Now, this frenemy had a brilliant, bright, and intelligent mind but had annoying habits like butting in where not needed, usurping the conversation, dominating the scene, and other such things. Inspite of that I tried to seek some goodness in her but was failing miserably.

Sharp as she was, she saw that I was upset and asked if I wanted to head back to college to have a cup of tea. Near to tears, I just nodded and we took an about turn.

Alas, standing at the college gate was the friend I had just argued with. Our other friends too were present there. I averted my face as they chit-chatted with my frenemy. One of them asked “Didn’t you two just head home? Why are you back?” Before I could even think of what to answer, my frenemy cut in at lightning speed, “Oh, our hostel friend asked me to wait here for her as she wanted to come along, so we came back.”

I cannot express the rush of gratitude I felt toward her at that moment. In that one moment all her annoying qualities melted away and her loyalty shone brightly through. That was the moment I realized that I was aware that I had trusted this girl when she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. She hadn’t even asked if I was upset because she knew it. She also saved me from embarrassment without me even vocalizing why I was upset (she didn’t know about the argument I had with my friend). She just knew that she had to step in for me, that I needed someone who just let me be without leaving me alone.

That was the moment when I was aware why I always look for the good in people no matter how twisted they may seem. It’s because goodness runs through each of us. I deeply believe that people can draw immense power from their innate goodness.

You may argue that a criminal, a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist are pure evil. Yes, there may be some like that but that’s another blog topic altogether. This much I can say for now, on them, is that they may not be the same person you think they are if you ask their mother, sister, brother, uncle, friends.

Call me a fool but I believe in the goodness of people, do you?

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11 thoughts on “Why I Believe in the Goodness of People

  1. I am on the same wavelength. Yes, everybody (including those referred to in the penultimate para of this post) has at least an ounce of goodness which should not be ignored or overlooked. Being judgemental is easy but should be avoided.

  2. This is a beautiful trait… a trait that will always keep you happy no matter what. And I think instead of being bitter about others, this is a great way to look at people from different perspective 😀 happy to have met a good soul like you through this campaign.

    • Hi Rajlakshmi, you have no idea how much your kind words have touched me. Thank you very much! In today’s times of indifference, prejudices, and negativity, we need more such messages to reach people – and that’s what I’m trying to do in my own little way.

  3. saumynagayach says:

    That’s a rare quality, I say! Most of the people just ignore all other aspects when they face defeat or dejection or disappointment from others, and that’s where they loose track and make false assumptions. To only see good in others is definitely something which is a must to have quality. 🙂

    And all my gibberish written above proves that you’re “special”. Kudos! 😀 🙂

    • I think most of us know how it feels to be judged. So, shouldn’t we avoid doing the same with others? Just because someone judges us doesn’t mean that we should judge others. Instead we should be open and accepting of others. I hope that people realize this. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 we each are ‘special’.

  4. I don’t believe in the Goodness of people, Venice and I’ve reached a stage in life that I am honest enough to admit it openly.
    This was a beautifully written post though and I felt nice reading it. Loved knowing this about you, and may your tribe increase.
    P:S: I love reading all your posts and you are a wonderful writer.

    • Hi Mayuri, I’m sure you have your reasons for not believing in the good in people and I respect that. I know a few people who think on similar lines as you and when I listen to their reasons it makes sense. Thanks so much for your appreciation – it means a lot to know that someone is actually ‘reading’ and not just posting a comment for the sake of it. And when you say ‘I’m a wonderful writer’ – that just brought a big smile to my face and motivated me to write even better!

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