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Be Grateful, Be Happy

be grateful be happy, international gratitude day,

Do you remember when you had fractured your arm or leg, and your friends gathered around you, scribbling funny, stupid messages on your cast? Remember that feeling as they fooled around? Remember how grateful you were to have such a crazy bunch of friends? Grateful to be part of a mad group that made you laugh and smile despite your pain? You were grateful, you were happy.

Does that feeling still run through you now? As you rush through your morning rituals, rush to work, rush to catch the train back home, rush your dinner and then sleep only to wake again and start from step no. 1?

When a stranger on the bus gives his seat to you, do you say a hurried thank you without a second thought? When your colleague helps you on a task, do you take a second to truly feel thankful to her? When your mother or any family member puts a plate of steaming hot food in front of you, do you pause and feel grateful to have someone who cares for you?

In our mad rush of life, we have left behind our spirit of gratitude. Without our spirit of gratitude we lose our moment of happiness.

Think about it, when you feel grateful about something, happiness flows gracefully through you. Say, you’re grateful for taking a break and lazing near a beach, you’re grateful for studying diligently and receiving a good result, you’re grateful for working smart and earning recognition from your boss, you’re grateful for eating healthy and staying fit. In all these, you will see that gratefulness and happiness are conjoined.

Now ask yourself, why do you often feel unhappy, sad, down, bored…? Could it be because you’re missing out on gratitude?

You could try it out for a week or two and see for yourself. Be grateful, no DO NOT ‘practice’ it as many may tell you, there IS NO practice, you have to simply ‘BE’ grateful. You can start small: for the pleasant wind blowing, for the shoes that protect your feet, for the umbrella that shields you from the rain, for the hot tea/coffee at office, for food you eat, for the elevator that works smoothly, for hey, social media that connects you to hundreds of people around the world!

You see, it’s easy!


It would be great if you could share what you’re grateful about! Spread gratitude and happiness – sharing is caring 😉


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Venice 🙂



13 thoughts on “Be Grateful, Be Happy

  1. So true Venice! The little things that are oft forgotten, we need to be grateful for all those! And every little gesture of kindness we share will be repaid manifold to us!

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    Loved how you ended the post… Yes we need to be grateful and not just practice it. It’s the feeling that we need to feel on its own. Beautiful write up. I miss my college days and feel happy that I got a chance to make beautiful memories with friends.

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