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My Brightest Ornament

my brightest ornament

“Hey there!”

I whipped around, looking for the source of the voice.

“I’m in front of you, or rather actually you are in front of me

That’s it, I had lost my mind. In front of me was nothing but my full length mirror.

I started combing my hair.

“You should take better care of your hair, you know.”

WHAT THE! “Who-who’s it?” I asked looking around everywhere, every fiber in me shivering in fright.

“And you should have stronger nerves” continued the voice “like I said before, you’re standing in front of me.”

I looked at myself in the “Mi-mirror?” I asked flabbergasted.


“Wh-what? Ho-how? Wh-why?”

“Oh you know, you look ridiculously stupid today, so I couldn’t help myself from telling you that.”

“Are you kidding me? I look perfectly fine, no thanks to your unwanted advice.”

“Aaah, but without me you wouldn’t really know, would you?” challenged my mirror.

“What’s your problem, huh? I’m satisfied with the way I look, it’s none of your business.” I retorted.

“Oh but it is, but it is. I have to endure watching you stretch your hair to breaking point, twirl around in outfits too tight for you, poke your eyes every time while applying liner, paint your lips a horrendous blood red, dust yourself with powder so you look like you’re out of a flour mill, decorate yourse….”

“Okay, okay, okay” I cut in, “just shut up and get back to your silent mode.”

“I wish, but you make it too difficult for me” my mirror replied sadly.

“By doing the things you mentioned?” I could hardly believe I was still carrying on a conversation with my mean mirror.

“Yes, I don’t understand…”

“Don’t understand what?” I snapped.

“I don’t understand why you’re not satisfied being the way you are” said my mirror, his tone quite disappointed.

“Well, I am satisfied with the way I am” I said defensively.

“No, you’re not. Otherwise you wouldn’t stand staring at yourself in me wondering what look would suit you best or how to best hide your greying hair, or how you can look like the celebrity on the cover page of a magazine.”

I was dumbstruck.

“You’re really pretty the way you are. You’ve got warm and kind chocolate brown eyes, good skin that could do with a bit more care, black hair with streaks of grey that give you a mature look, wrinkles that show your experience, a well blessed body, and a little mouth that looks best when you smile.” completed my mirror.

I sat on the floor. His words kept running through my mind.

“Ye-eah…” I said slowly, “you’re right. I just got caught up in all these beauty advertisements and claims.”

“But” I continued, “not all makeup or outfits are bad – some of them help enhance my beauty.”

“True my darling” said my mirror, “those ones are fine but do not get swayed, always remember you are beautiful just the way you are.”

I stood up, wiped off my make-up, and let down my hair.

“I see now. I see my true beauty.”

“Bingo!” my mirror whispered and left me wearing my brightest ornament – my smile.


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Alexa Rank on 1st September, 2016: 24,776,570

Alexa Rank on 19th September, 2016: 988,948



Venice 🙂



11 thoughts on “My Brightest Ornament

  1. When I smile, people get worried 😛
    this is a wonderful wake up call, for all the girls all over the world who get swayed by photoshopped images in glossy magazines 🙂

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