7 Types of Teachers in School

7 types of teachers in school

Aah, school memories – the screech of chalk on the blackboard, the fish market that was every classroom, the stern principals, the cunning school attendants, general chaos, sleepy assembly lines, and not to forget the different types of teachers one met 5 days a week.

Teachers, what would we be without them? From the kindest to the harshest, each of them imparted lessons that stayed on forever, even if we weren’t aware of it at times. Since today is Teacher’s Day, come with me down memory lane as I reminiscence about the 7 types of Teachers I came across in school.

The 7 Types of Teachers in School

1. The Sweetheart Teacher
Pretty looks, kind eyes, warm smile, soft heart – this one was every student’s favourite teacher. Even if she would scold, it would be in a manner that melted your heart enough to not repeat the same mistake. She was the one with always a good word for you and made your day 12 times brighter than the summer sun.

2. The Terrorizing Teacher
This one was like a Basilisk. One stare or glare from her and you would die a thousand deaths right there. No mercy seemed her motto. Her criticisms and scathing comments could slice through your heart and burn up your soul within a second. It was always wise to maintain a safe distance from this one.

3. The Funny Teacher
A class taught by the Funny Teacher was a triumphant hit. Boring subjects would turn interesting just by the switch in tones and funny jokes interjected every now and then. This teacher always knew how to get the ball rolling and hold everyone’s attention.

4. The Disciplinarian Teacher
You would think that the Terror and the Disciplinarian are the same but no, they’re different alright. The disciplinarian was like a Professor McGonagall of sorts – she would expect the highest standards of discipline by every student but was kind and nice enough to let them let their hair down once in awhile.

5. The Confidante Teacher
These teachers are a bit rare – or maybe we never really looked at them properly. This teacher was a friend that you knew you could trust your troubles to. She was the one who would also give you advice and guide you in school and in life.

6. The Harrassed Teacher
I’m not sure if Harrassed is the right word for this teacher. She’s the quiet, reserved one whom students loved to trick because she wouldn’t really know how to manage them. I used to feel sad for this teacher because she had to deal with these brats when she had done them no harm.

7. The Ancient Teacher
This one was most probably teaching in the same school ever since your great-grandfather was born – at least that’s what it seems like! I mean, she could have been a vampire, you know – only thing was that she did age. Hmm… quite a mystery to uncover – how she taught centuries of people!

Well, I haven’t run out of ‘types’ of teachers yet but these one are the types I encountered the most in my school life.

How about you? Got any interesting teacher type you came across or any entertaining teacher stories? Put it down in the comments – sharing is caring you know.

This post is dedicated to all my lovely teachers out there. Thank you for everything, you made my life so much better! God bless you! Happy Teacher’s Day!!


Venice 🙂


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19 thoughts on “7 Types of Teachers in School

    • Yeah, college teachers are fantastic, mine too were. My school ones were quite memorable for the reasons mentioned in the post. However they were, they did make an impression.

  1. saumynagayach says:

    Hehehe…you reminded me of my school days 🙂 Such a beautiful time it was when we were kids, had so much fun in those days! And the types of teachers you mentioned in your post..Aah, I still miss my school teachers and their terror 😛 Thanks for this wonderful post! 🙂

    • Such posts do make us remember the good times, na? 🙂 Yeah, even I miss those terror teachers, when I think back now, they were actually just firm 😀

    • It feels good to revisit those times… teachers will always hold a space in our hearts and minds – from the punishments to the rewards, each of them gave us something to remember them by.

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