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10 Things I Always Carry in my Bag

10 things i always carry in my bag

My friends and close ones have coined names like turtle or nomad for me. You wonder why. Well, that’s because I tend to carry essential items of every kind in my bag. So much so that it looks like a shell on my back.


Whaddup pardner?

There’s everything from my wallet to scotch-tape to a nail-clipper. Yep! Who knows what will come in use!? But there are some times, like going for a party where unfortunately I can’t carry all of these. That’s when I have to reduce the items to carry with me.

So here are 10 Things I always Carry in my Bag:

1. Wallet (du-uh!)

2. Lip-balm (‘cuz Lipsticks stain too much)

3. Kajal (my BFF)

4. Inhaler (asthma attacks me any time)

5. Keys (To open important doors :P)

6. Handkerchief/tissues (For my perennial cold)

7. Pen (what if I get kidnapped? I could sneak write a note using No. 8 below for people to find me)

8. Blank paper (like above)

9. Safety-pins (A savior!)

10. Mints (For when I’m utterly in the depths of boredom)

If I had my way I would of course have smuggled in more items but well, these are the main items that I usually carry with me. Rubber-bands, hair clips, compact and a small mirror sneak their way in sometimes 😀

What are the 10 things you always carry with you?


Venice 🙂

P.C: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “10 Things I Always Carry in my Bag

  1. sanchthewriter says:

    Err…phone is an essential. Although I guess it’s like a third arm more than an item in my bag. I do carry a notebook and pen no matter where I go.

    • Hey Sanch, yeah, phone is an extension of us now, so didn’t include it in the list. If it comes down to 2 items then my wallet and handkerchief would be by my side.

  2. I always have my phone, a handheld paper fan, glasses cleaner and cloth… Oh and a hairbrush!! On top of the lip stiff, hand cream, notebook, emergency phone charger… Yeah I have a REALLY big handbag 😁

  3. I like to call my handbag my Mary Poppins bag. It usually has my purse, phone, hand cream, lip balm, tissues, a pen, notebook, hand sanitiser, a hair tie, keys, gym membership card, and a bunch of old receipts.

    • Hi there Georgia! Lovely name 🙂 And that’s so cute – a Mary Poppins bag 😀 Thanks for mentioning old receipts, I have tons of them stuffed in my wallet and bag pockets, hehe.

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