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The Secret of Flower Power

SpringThere’s something about a bunch of colorful flowers that instantly perks up my mood and day.

Their vibrancy and cheery faces are so extremely infectious that I just break into a smile.

And then I think, how wondrous this is – a small bunch of delicate flowers packed with such immense power to change my mood effortlessly.

It makes me think, how we try so hard to impress others in our daily lives. We change ourselves just to fit into someone else’s idea of how we must be.

Flowers retain their originality and are not afraid of their vulnerability. They are open, honest, and innocent.

We on the other hand, put on masks, hide our vulnerability by showcasing bravado, and walk around like chameleons.

What if we were like flowers?

Spreading joy, love and happiness wherever we went and with whomever we meet?

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we were like these pure flowers?



Venice 🙂


One thought on “The Secret of Flower Power

  1. Wonderful reflection Venice. We are born like flowers, but we lose touch with our colors as we grow. So then the journey begins – we try to find ways to get back to being the beautiful joyful cheerful flowers we once were. We do find inspiration to live like that in many places but to sustain it is a different journey altogether. Something which I have passionately undertaken for myself in the past few years 😀 So I can say with confidence that we can always blossom like those flowers and that that is our only goal, to blossom and through our blossoming inspire the world around us. It’s a long and challenging process as just like every flower requires the right amount of attention, the right kind of soil, water, and environment to blossom so do we. But since the external conditions aren’t always in our hands it may require some effort. Fortunately, the conditions of our inner being are completely in our hands. So it may be tough but it is the most beautiful process just like the blossoming of a flower. And if we genuinely undertake this journey of blossoming into a wonderful human, then our beauty is something that never goes unnoticed or unfelt by the world. 🙂

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