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If I were a Book

if i were a book









If I were a Book,
I’d be a treasure trove for you.

From ninjas to fairies
From robots to beasties.

Thrills and chills,
Spells and death knells.

History mixed with mystery,
Romance, Comedy, Mythology and Philosophy.

Choose to
Cruise lazily through azure waters,
Or heat it up in action-packed Arctic adventures.

Savour a glass of wine
Swallow by mistake a potion mixed with cyanide (oops!)

Go on get high
As you navigate dangerous seas
And ward off being stung by angry bees.

Be Napolean Bonaparte
Be a new star, or a piece of art.

With me honey, you can be anyone you want.
With me you gain FREEDOM.

If I were a book, I’d take you to the ends of this world, beyond this world,
And let you be there

Suspended in space and time – in a state of utter bliss, in a world you can call your very own.

So, go ahead, pick me up… you know you don’t want to miss this ride 😉


Note: This post is a part of the prompt, If I were a Book, by BlogChatter. BlogChatter is an  online community of bloggers who meet every Wednesday at 8.30 PM IST on Twitter to discuss various blogging topics. You too can join in!



Venice 🙂


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