3 Easy Steps to Earn while you Shop

I love shopping online! It feels great to be able to browse through to my heart’s content without some pesky salesperson following me like a lost puppy everywhere I go. I love that I can view my options, compare items, and select the best out of them and head to my cart.

I’ve always been big on saving, especially street shopping. This same applies for my online shopping too. I search for the best deals, compare items and then settle on my final purchase. Imagine my glee then when I found DealsnPrice! It’s like a match made in heaven I say 😛


Oh man, one look at that home page of theirs and my heart melted! I tell you, nothing gets my heart racing more than seeing 30-70% off, Rs. 500 cashback, special offers, best deals…. Oh I could go on and on! To put the cherry on top – I went crazy knowing that these cashbacks and coupons could be used over and above existing deals! It’s every bargainer’s dream come true out here.

I fell more in love with this site when I saw several of my favourite brands there!

Right from electronic gadgets to online grocery sites, DealsnPrice offers amazing cashbacks and offers for a range of categories!

The best is yet to come though.

What I really look for when I’m shopping is the ease by which I can purchase what I want. DealsnPrice ticked all the right boxes for me

1.Easy Log-in

Firstly, DealsnPrice has an easy sign in, where I logged in with my email. It took me less than half a minute to be logged in to the site. They also give the option of logging in through your Facebook or G+ account.


2.Activate Deals/Get Coupon code

Once in, I selected the category in which I could get some good deals or coupons. For deals, you click on the ‘Activate Deals’ button to avail a deal while for Coupons you click on ‘Get Code’.



Once I did that, the deal and code was applied and I could directly navigate to the site like Amazon from DealsnPrice itself to continue my check-out.


3.Earn Cashback

Voila! After my purchase, my cashback earned from it through DealsnPrice reflected in my account! And that my folks, really made my day! 🙂


Of course though, I got more excited seeing this:

Oh yeah! Bounty target for me 😉

So, in recap, I’ve found a new hangout, and it’s DealsnPrice. You can catch me there, maybe you could join too and we can do a competition kinda thing like who saves more or gets the better deals, are you on for it? Fine then, it’s a DEAL! 😛


Image Courtesy: DealsnPrice



Venice 🙂



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