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Looking forward to the New Year – 2016


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2015 was a challenging year bordering on near disaster for me. I’m glad to count down the minutes for it to end. I am looking forward to 2016 not with expectations but just a hope that it isn’t as despairing as 2015 was.

2015 was filled with minor problems that inflicted more torture than major problems. It was like getting an ant-bite – the ant is tiny but gawd almighty can it make you scratch yourself to death! So yeah, that’s how it was. Like always, I pushed on no matter what, I did break down but mostly in private, but I got back on my feet at the earliest. However, as soon as I solved one issue another one would immediately crop up, sometimes there would be 2-3 problems at the same time.

That way, the initial months of 2015 were good, things went a bit downhill during the second half of it and right now, I’m wondering how I pulled through so much utter chaos. Proud of myself because only I know how I have been managing.

A tremendous highlight of 2015 for me was when I let my hair down for once on 30th December, 2015. It was the first time in my life that I danced in free abandon at a celebratory event with colleagues. I have always been shy about letting my guard down, have always avoided dancing with friends and family, but I think this was one time when I just wanted to let myself go and enjoy the last few days of a shitty year. I’m glad I danced wholeheartedly – I felt ALIVE.

Well, not going to linger any longer on the tragedy that was 2015. Here’s to a new year that should be kind enough to reduce our problems, to bestow us with more strength, wisdom and a dash of craziness (cause what’s life without a bit of crazy?). To 2016 – May the Force be with you 😛 Tacky I know, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉

Cheers people, have a great New Year!

Venice 🙂


12 thoughts on “Looking forward to the New Year – 2016

  1. Kaddu says:

    Happy New Year, girl! Keep the spirit up! 2016 will be great… I have a feeling about it. Keep your dancing shoes on! May the force be with you too! 😀

    • Happie New Year Sanch!! Yeah, I’m wishing that this year brings great experiences and moments. You too have a fab year girl! hugggs… 🙂

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