5 Ways to Pamper your Baby’s Skin

Two decades ago, my tiny arms held a small ball of softness – a little cottonball that shrieked, squealed and wriggled with amazing power. That cute cottonball was my little sister.

Once she quieted down and drifted off into a charming sleep, I couldn’t resist smoothing my fingers across her pink, buttery cheeks. Bad move, she started yelling to high heavens again.

Now, she’s all grown up and though her cheeks have outgrown the newborn softness, I still pinch them. Old habits die hard and that sort of thing you know! 😛

Pinching her cheeks takes me back to those memorable days when I would sit beside my mother and watch her dabbing all sorts of oils, creams, and powders on this pink cotton-candy. I still remember the five-point rule my mother had when taking care of cotton’s skin.

5 Ways to Pamper your Baby’s Skin (lessons from my mother):

1. A lukewarm bath: Mother always stressed on the importance of bath water that was of the correct temperature. A lukewarm bath with a sponge was always given to my little sister. I loved assisting, holding her or sponging her at times. Soap was applied when she grew slightly older as the chemicals were not safe for her skin when she was an infant.

2. Regular change of diaper: Since her skin was ultra-soft, long duration of wearing diapers would leave a rash. My parents ensured timely checks and changed the diaper at regular intervals to avoid my sister developing any skin irritation. The softest diapers were used for her delicate skin. Soft cotton nappies were another way to keep her airy, dry and comfortable, unless nature’s call paid a visit; then she would scream freakin’ murder! (kidding) 😉 Even here my parents took great caution and used soft cotton or baby wipes along with lukewarm water to clean her. They avoided rough fabrics, vigorous swipes and rubbing to maintain a rash-free and smooth bottom.

3. Oil massage: A regular coconut oil massage not only helped keep my sister’s limbs supple and strong but also ensured that it retained its smoothness. Sometimes, once a week, a warm oil massage was done for her to keep her skin nourished and moisturised. This was also used for her head to prevent it from drying and flaking. She always chuckled at these times, guessed she must’ve enjoyed the ‘pamper’ing.

4. Trusted brand of talcs and lotions: Well, my parents mostly depended on a trusted baby product brand for keeping the little one’s skin super soft and nice smelling. After every bath, my sister was lightly sprinkled with baby talc. Every night before sleeping, a baby lotion was rubbed all over her before bundling her in a white sheet. This kept her all soft and cuddly!

5. Freshly laundered clothes: Clothes were mostly of soft cotton. These were washed separately in baby detergent and a pint of Dettol for extra protection. The freshly washed clothes were dried completely before draping her in them. Her clothes were changed at periodic intervals so that no clothes rubbed on her skin or caused any irritation. This meant soft, smooth, silky skin!

There were more list of things my parents followed to keep this little bundle soft and cute. The above 5 were followed diligently and I must say, they worked extremely well. Babies as a rule are soft and cuddly, but with these steps, my cottonball of a sister felt just like that – like a little ball of fluffy cotton! 🙂

Pampers too is all about the gentle touch for a happy baby. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Here’s a super cute video on Pamper’s Premium Care Pants for your baby:


Venice 🙂


5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Pamper your Baby’s Skin

  1. Oh yeah, I know how it is to feel that shrieking squealing, wriggling cotton ball.. Like your little sister, mine was my little brother. 😛 Babies are precious and so should be their care. Loved the post, Vanessa. 🙂
    ​​​​A Rat’s​ ​Nibble

    • Hi Meera, first off – Wish you a Happy New Year! I’m so glad to know that I have company on this. They’re adorable as infants, and a mite annoying but as time goes by they become your partner in crime 😉

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