shadow - pc offclouds

The Shadow in the Darkness

shadow - pc offclouds

PC: offclouds

There creeped
That familiar sensation again,
Slowing my heart
Numbing my brain
Choking my throat
Sucking my breath

As usual,
A paradox I remained.
Conscious yet unaware,
Distant yet feeling,
As my veins throbbed
And nerves splintered.

A moment and then
In an instant gone.

What madness, what torture
What unholy shenanigan!

It’s my soul’s stalker
The devil lurking in the shadows.
Waiting to pounce and
Consume me whole.

Any time, any time now
It’ll be back.
Stronger, swifter
Wounding my every pore.

Oh make it stop, make it stop!
Before it devours me
Or I… I bow forever.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), an estimated 350 million people suffer from Depression! This disorder can be so severe that it leads to a high incidence of suicides. An estimated 1 million deaths are the result of suicide every year. That’s an alarming number, and a scary one!

I feel very deeply about this illness. I think many of us don’t even know that we may have depression. We need to be more aware and understanding about this condition. We also need to have the courage to accept the reality of having depression, opening ourselves to others to help us through it, and to defeat it slowly but surely.



2 thoughts on “The Shadow in the Darkness

    • Ya Teny, depression just gnaws you clean. I’m not sure how much justice my writing does to the case but I tried to put down what it feels like to live with depression.

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