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Tripping through an Unexplored Paradise

Nature has a quiet way of entwining you in its pristine charm. It is a soothing balm to your burning worries and warms your heart with utmost tenderness. A weekend getaway is the ideal way to spend time away from the hectic pace and superficiality of city life. And if such a place exists within an hour or so from your location, it is even more divine.

A perfect weekend getaway close to Bombay (Mumbai) is the ravishing Gadeshwar Dam. Well, I should say, Gadeshwar Dam area. This is by far, one of the loveliest places I’ve ever visited which is situated close to the city. It’s breathtaking scenery and pure beauty needs to be experienced by everyone. When I first read about it on the internet, I had no idea I would be waxing eloquent about it. But once I was there, oh my… I didn’t want to return home. So here I am, penning down typing out why the Gadeshwar Dam area is a must visit on your adventure or travel list!

The hills! Oh, the rolling, foliaged, green, green hills covered with wispy mists and fluffy clouds will make you swoon! The silver trails of waterfalls cascading down the hills only add to the scenic vista. Combine this with extensive stretches of farm land, farmers sowing in the fields, tile-roofed cottages, a smattering of abandoned houses, goats munching roadside grass, gurgling streams and winding asphalt roads and you will see what a precious landscape this place offers (look in the gallery below).

There are various spots along the way where you can stop and enjoy. You can take a dip in the first stream that’s on the way. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it as almost everyone stops there. Vehicles parked on the curbs are good indicators 😛 Navigate your way along the smooth, brown rocks to reach the stream. Don’t go too far deep in as there’s quite a current sometimes.

A little further away from there is the Gadeshwar Dam. Undulating plains and velvet plateaus scissored by the effervescent Kalundre river will leave you deeply enchanted. Once you’ve drunk in the intoxicating sight, you will find the popular Dhodani falls a few meters ahead. Shallow and deliciously cool waters make for a great natural swimming area. Smooth and pretty colored stones lead into the rippling water here. Sheltered by a cove of lush trees and open to the sky laden with funky clouds make this a place for you to lie back, relax and sigh blissfully.

And it’s not over yet, oh no. The Gadeshwar Dam area represents the old phrase ‘the best is saved for last’. Climb the serpentine roads right till the end. Only, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning of everything. When you reach the top, you literally have a bird’s eye view of all the places you just traversed through!

A little hamlet on the right, replete with a small bridge leading on to more treasures complete the magical touch of this amazing place. Soak in the panoramic view, lose yourself in the ethereal surroundings, and most of all be at peace with the purity of nature and yourself.

Here’s a gallery of this fairytale place (you can click on the images for a better view):


Photo Courtesy: Jay Nair @winks_and_smiles
All images are subject to © Copyright. All rights reserved.


How to reach Gadeshwar Dam from Navi Mumbai

  1. Take the Palm Beach road to Panvel
  2. When you reach McDonald’s, Panvel, go straight from underneath the flyover, DO NOT take the flyover
  3. Turn right from the Kalamboli junction (under the flyover) to New Panvel/Khanda Colony
  4. Take a left from the first signal at Khanda Colony for the Panvel-Matheran road (ask around)
  5. You will reach Mahalaxmi Nagar, Nere from where you take a left
  6. Drive on straight to reach Gadeshwar Dam and the rest
  7. Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours from Vashi, Navi Mumbai (depends on weather and traffic)


No landmarks as such but you can know you’re on the right track when you pass: New Panvel, Sukhapur, Akurli, Nere, and Umroli.

Travel Tips:

  1. I recommend visiting Gadeshwar Dam during the monsoon season (June-August) as the surroundings are more lush, verdant and vibrant.
  1. Public restrooms are virtually non-existent, so make sure you relieve yourself before setting off. Also, limit liquid intake to avoid a full bladder 😛
  1. Your travel experience will be smoother if you travel by your own vehicle. Public transport is limited to few buses.
  1. Carry a power bank or charge your phone, camera and other gadgets fully before the trip.
  1. Also carry enough water and snacks in case the journey takes longer. Shops aren’t there at Gadeshwar. I had stopped at Kings restaurant (serves veg and non-veg) at Akurli for a fortifying lunch.
  1. Wear steady footwear to skip over rocks and wade through water – sports shoes and floaters are a good, comfortable choice. Ladies, avoid sandals, heels is of course out of question! 😛


Well there you are, right in the heart of a picturesque canvas of nature.

Take your time, absorb the visual treat and just… enjoy! So long then!



Venice 🙂


P.S: Let me know which are your favourite weekend getaways. Would love to visit them if possible! Thanks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tripping through an Unexplored Paradise

    • It is breathtakingly beautiful Sanch! Got to know about this place just few weeks back and planned to visit it. I’m glad there’s a place like this so close home 🙂

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