Lady Diana
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D is for Diana, Princess of Wales

It’s the 4th day of the A to Z Challenge with us arriving at letter ‘D’ for my theme “Back to the 90’s”. Now the person I am going to talk about was a worldwide phenomenon. She was known for her grace, humility, kindness, and overwhelming beauty. The lady whose untimely and unfortunate death saw an out-pour of mourning from over millions of people, and who is still fondly remembered after 18 years of her demise is none other than the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Lady Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales
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In the 1990’s Lady Diana braved a tumultuous marriage and walked her own path. She carved an identity for herself by being there for others less fortunate. She ruled people’s hearts with her tenderness and compassion. She had an endearing quality about her. A naïveté mixed with sensibility – quite a unique combination I feel. To me, I always saw her not as a Princess but as one of us. Even though she looked effortlessly glamorous, her eyes and demeanor was innocent and sometimes, lost. It was almost like she reached out to others in order to reach out to herself. I don’t know, but that’s the feeling I always got, and still do, whenever I see or read about her.

Diana, Princess of Wales

late Lady Diana listening intently

Her shocking death in a car accident in 1997 will always be etched in my mind. She was one of the first public figures I admired, and hearing my mother cry out to an 11 year old me about her death left me rattled to my bones. I remember rushing out to the hall and watching the sad news unfold over Lady Diana dying in a car accident. …  There’s nothing more I feel like saying, just makes me sad to think we lost a fine woman. So I’ll leave you with Sir Elton’s John dedication to Lady Diana – Candle in the Wind.     Venice P.S: Sorry I couldn’t post on Saturday as my internet decided to go on an Easter holiday 😛


6 thoughts on “D is for Diana, Princess of Wales

  1. I am visiting from the A-Z challenge. I like your theme.
    As for Diana….her loss left a hole in this world. She had such a beautiful soul. I am truly happy her sons appear to have inherited her goodness.

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