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C is for Captain Planet (A to Z Challenge 2015)

Keeping our environment clean has been one of the things I’ve followed ever since I was around 13 years of age. Not that I was littering before, but it became an integral part of me at that age. And all because of a cartoon show that made an everlasting impression on me.

With the ‘Back to the 90’s’ theme for the A to Z Challenge, C is for Captain Planet!


Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Here’s the title song that you may recall. I’ll always remember Captain Planet saying “The Power is Yours!”

Captain Planet Opening \ Closing Credits: http://youtu.be/VcJI87u3DoQ

I still remember dedicatedly watching the show after school. I think it used to come around 1:30 p.m as school would get over at around 1 p.m. I would hurry back from school and immediately sit down in front of the TV while having my lunch. Bad habit I know, but Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Kwame – Earth power, Wheeler – Fire, Linka – Wind, Gi – Water and Ma-ti – Heart) had me hooked on to saving our planet.

The episodes were always woven nicely with an environmental lesson packaged neatly along with wit, humour, and sensibility. It made me decide to be a Planeteer too! I started practicing eco-friendly habits and lectured my close ones if they threw rubbish outside a bin or broke flowers, leaves, or wasted paper. There’s a long list of that really.

Captain Planet was one of the few cartoons that effectively spoke about the need to protect our environment without sounding boring or preachy. It was one of the few cartoons in the 90’s that added a defining quality in me.

Did you ever watch it? Are there any other cartoons of the 90’s you loved? Swat Kats, Power Rangers or any other?

Do share with me and while you do, sing along…

“We’re the Planeteers,
You can be one too.
For saving our planet
Is the thing to do.
Looting and polluting
Is not the way.
Here’s what Captain Planet
Has to say…
The Power is Yours!”

We do have the power. To save our planet. With global warming increasing and polar ice caps melting, we need to be active environmentalists or else, our future generations may not have a future to look forward to.

Go Planet!


Pic courtesy: latimesblogs


10 thoughts on “C is for Captain Planet (A to Z Challenge 2015)

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I remember watching that when I was in the first grade, loved it! I haven’t heard it mentioned in years.

    • 🙂 Yayy! Glad to find someone who likes it too… Somehow my friends were never crazy about it and I thought I was the only one going nuts over it 😀

  2. I do remember it because my kids loved it. Makes me feel so old! I have so many memories of the boy bands too. My daughters, I have three of them were so in love with all of them too!
    Good luck with the rest of the A-Z!

    • Hahaa… Yeahh.. it seems like a very long time back. I’m glad I took up this theme, getting my mind to jog a bit 😛 Hmm… kids do make adults aware of all the new things in the world… you’re the second to say so.

  3. Even as a kid, one of the things that bothered me about CP was some of the strawmanning it did. Like, villains burned coal JUST because it created pollution, not because it was the world’s most affordable means of providing electric power, particularly in non-Nuclear countries. Also, the episode about the Catholics & Protestants in Ireland? CLASSIC!

    Still, for all of its failings and propagandist twists, Captain Planet was a pretty entertaining show. It also gave us the TVTrope “What Kind of Lame Power is Heart?”.

    • I never really thought so deeply then about it. Glad that you brought this point up. And yeah, I always used to wonder how ‘heart’ figured in Captain Planet since the rest were all elements. Oh well, it was good for most part 🙂

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