5 Minutes – Getting back to Hobbies

A professor of mine once told us “Always keep your hobbies alive.”

In the humdrum and busy schedule of adulthood, it is easy to let our hobbies slip away. When I think back, I remember spending many blissful hours penning a poem, humming a tune, writing lyrics, painting sceneries, singing my favourite songs, or just whistling… 🙂 Brings an instant smile to my face when I think about all that.

Apart from singing and whistling, I’ve not continued with the others. I feel that it’s time I resurrected my other hobbies. We’re more in touch with ourselves when we are engrossed in a hobby. I miss me, and I want to reconnect with myself.

So, I will be getting back to hobbies now. 🙂

How about you? What are your hobbies? Are you still in touch with them? Do share with me…




3 thoughts on “5 Minutes – Getting back to Hobbies

  1. My hobbies are singing, writing, reading, drawing, quilling etc. I am in touch with writing and occasionally reading. Quilling and drawing, rarely. Though I intend to continue after exams. 🙂

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