5 Minutes – Finding Myself

Somewhere along the line, I feel I’ve lost connect with myself.

I’ve always had this strong bond with myself, you know, the inner me. But, these days it seems to be just… lost.

It saddens me. It saddens me because I didn’t even realize when I lost touch with me. How absorbed was I with everything that I can no longer hear my voice?

I’ve been struggling to pen down something for several weeks. It wasn’t writer’s block. I knew that it wasn’t it. There was something  missing, you know… the trigger, that pull, the overwhelming desire to pour my heart out – that was what was sorely missing.

I’ve always, always written from my gut. And I’ve been desperately trying to erase the huge emptiness inside me. I LOVE writing, and I hated to simply stare at the blank screen with the cursor blinking mockingly at me.

I want to be the same again. I want to write like before. Straight from my heart (cheesy as it may sound), I don’t care. But that’s me, and I Love Me!

I’ll come back, for sure I will!



2 thoughts on “5 Minutes – Finding Myself

  1. This post sounds like a good start on the way back. Maybe the A to Z blogging challenge will help as well. I hope you’ll enjoy it and looking forward to seeing what you’ll be posting in April

    • Hi Rhonda! Yes, I’m trying to get back on track with my writing. I signed up for the A to Z challenge as it will help me pen down something everyday. Have to yet decide on a theme for it… Let’s see, looking forward to it! 🙂

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