5 Minutes – Attitude & Ego

Attitude and Ego.

Two things that can either build or destroy your character or your life.

Sadly, I’ve mostly encountered people who misuse these two qualities to invite their own downfall and a vicious circle of negativity that is endless.

If handled in the right way and with proper balance, we can cultivate a healthy Attitude and Ego that not just lifts us up but also brings happiness to people close to us. Alas, most people seem to revel in holding grudges, in turning up their nose, in snubbing and priding themselves to the point of fault.

I don’t see how they enjoy being egoistic, selfish and full of attitude. Besides causing themselves harm, they fail to see how their behaviour hurts the people closest to them.

This life we live is short. Wouldn’t it be better to live it happily in loving and caring than causing pain and anguish?



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