5 Minutes – At 6’s & 7’s at Work

There are times when I feel that shorter working hours boost productivity. When you know that you have just a limited amount of time to complete your work, you shorten the amount of idle time and instead focus on finishing your tasks within the timeframe set.

Contrast this with having extra hours for a simple task and you will most probably indulge in trivial things instead of completing what you have to do.

I feel that around 6-7 hours is a comfortable time for completing work. Of course time for different fields of work will differ. However, 7 hours instead of the 8-10 hours for general work seems an ideal duration.

In metros especially where travelling to work takes 2-4 hours, a 7 hour shift gives enough time to relax and spend some time with loved ones. This can also help boost productivity as the mind is freed from being bogged down by work all day long!

What do you think? Is a 7 hour workday good or not?



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