5 Minutes – Alive

Trials and sufferings. Weirdly, they are some of the few things that make me feel alive!

Not that happy times and fun moments are any less lively but it is these challenging times that show me just how much strength  I possess and how much I can grow as a person.

There are those times of course when I think that ‘This is the end.’ However, each time, I just can’t let go of hope and the will to see things through.

I go through with it. The failure, the helplessness, the mental and emotional fatigue… everything.

It is a part of life, a phase of life. It will pass, just like the good times do.

I’ve learnt to accept those situations where I’ve done more than what I could but still not succeed.

Things work out, eventually. Sometimes things are not in our power and control even after we’ve done more than our best.

It just is.

So, when you face things in life where you feel like its the last straw and want to give up. Remember, life is much more than this. Get through it and after few years you will be amazed that you had the spirit to overcome it.

Life likes to toy around with your capabilities. It likes to tease you. You tell your life “You’ve got me and I’ve got you. You won’t have the end of me this way. I’ll see you through!”





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