5 Minutes – Latecomer

I am not proud of this. I am a very unpunctual person. Somehow, much as I try, I fail to be on time on several occasions.

There are those few times when I have been ready and made it to the appointed place at or before the designated time. Those are my few little moments of joy!

I actually count the time it will take for everything to reach where I have to at the correct time. Like, no. of minutes for bathing, ironing clothes, getting ready, getting a rick/bus/Train, journey time… and over that a buffer of few minutes in case any emergency/urgent situation arises and takes time.

Even after all this, I turn up late most of the times. Its frustrating, both for me and those who wait for me.

Enduring the scoldings, taunts, and comments from people I’m late in meeting is another deal altogether.

Would really like some help and solution to overcome this issue. It creates unnecessary friction and bad moods that I just don’t want. Help please?

Credit: etystatic.com

Credit: etystatic.com


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