5 Minutes – Consistency

In a day consisting of 1440 minutes, I have never consciously taken out time to do something I love – writing!

Ironically, I am a content writer by profession, and write almost the whole time when I’m at office. However, the soul-writing is what I am not doing – the writing for myself, for the joy and relief I get from it – that’s what I’ve not been doing.

I could say the usual excuses and reasons about being busy at work, having too much on my plate, personal issues but deep inside, though I am facing each of them, I know that if I choose to, I can push them aside and actually WRITE.

Something had to be done. I couldn’t just neglect what I wanted to do just like that.

Then this Sunday I read a statement by a celebrity that prodded and awakened my sleepy, lazy soul. It was a statement said in a similar way by many others before, but this time there was a force to it, an identifiable ring to the context in which it was said that made me sit up in attention and made me follow it, almost magnetically.

The statement was

Do something for five minutes, but do it everyday.

This statement was made by an actor with regard to his consistency to staying fit. Normal stuff, you may think, but that was exactly what has been missing in me. Consistency. To do something I love. Writing.

So here I am, following my ‘5 minutes’ out of the ‘1440 minutes’ during the day, of doing something. Writing for 5 minutes. Everyday.

I won’t ask you to wish me luck because, I WANT to do this. Every. Single. Day. For 5. Minutes.


P.S: If you’re wondering what it’s going to be about, well, it will be anything that happens during the day, any thought, any idea, or just a simple story… let’s see.

Credit: brandyoubrilliant

Credit: brandyoubrilliant


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