The Warning Bells

When will women be safe to live without worrying everyday?

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My Rude Awakening

I used to be a soft spoken, miss-goody-two-shoes, polite, and well mannered person when I was young, still am sometimes.

People loved me, I think mostly because I let them walk all over me. ‘Others before me’ motto always piloted my thoughts and actions, no matter what it cost me.

Until my heart and soul had had enough of being mistreated time and again.

Hurt, angry, confused, I started to put up a mean, sarcastic, blunt, rude front.

It felt good. ‘I’ felt good.

No one had the power anymore to stamp all over me and crush me, unless I allowed them to.

This soon became part of my brand. A cute but mean girl.

My defence unit – my mean tongue, is ready to fire a snarky comment whenever I sense an attack coming my way.

My meaneness quadruples when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. I guess it burned several egos and hearts, without me even realising it. I have no clue how many innocent souls were harmed in the process.

I got a rude wake up call (pun intended) few days ago, when a friend of mine let me know that I have been unnecessarily rude to people.

Well, some of them had asked for it but then I thought some more and realized that a few of the others were not at fault.

And then, I rebuffed the very same friend a day later over a small matter; I could have chosen to respond in a calmer way. Mulling it over the night, I knew that my defence mechanism had gone out of hand.

It was ruling me.

I always prided myself on not dumping my anxieties on others but here I was now, a hypocritical jerk.

No can do.

I’ve got to learn to channel my emotions and feelings in a right way.

I feel horribly bad, and disappointed with myself for unleashing my vicious side on those who didn’t deserve it. I know it won’t repair or undo the hurt that I’ve already caused, but I am deeply sorry for my words and tone.

The work on myself starts NOW.