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Halloween Shots – Cheese Pizza

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He was alone at home. For the very first time in Nick’s 15 years of life, the house was all to himself.

His parents would return only around 3 in the morning. That gave him 6 hours of complete freedom to eat what he wanted, watch whatever piqued his interest and stay up all night!

First, he switched on the television, second ordered a large pizza with extra cheese, third turned off the lights, and fourth plonked himself on the cozy couch.

An hour had passed and there was no sign of the pizza. He called up the outlet who said it was on its way. No sooner had he disconnected the call when a loud RAP sounded on the door.

Wondering why the pizza delivery guy didn’t ring the bell, he opened the door. The pizza guy stood with a lopsided grin on his face.

“Your pizza Sir” he rasped.

“Thanks. Why didn’t you ring the doorbell?” enquired Nick while relieving the pizza parcel from the delivery guy.

“Didn’t see ‘em” replied the guy enigmatically.

Nick just shrugged and handed over the money.

“Well, I be going then” rasped the pizza guy. He tipped his cap and turned away.

He paused and looked back with shifty eyes, “Be a good boy, won’t ya” saying so he left a nonplussed Nick still standing with the door slightly ajar.

The roar of the pizza guy’s bike broke Nick from his daze. Shutting the door, he kept the pizza on the table and headed off to his father’s desk drawer. He rifled through files and papers until his hand felt the metallic discs. Withdrawing them and chuckling to himself, he headed back and slotted the first disc into the drive.

These CDs were a great treasure find. He was surprised his father didn’t keep them more well guarded or hidden.

Taking a piece of pizza, he stretched himself out enjoying the pleasures.

When the first CD finished, he inserted the second one.

He reached out for another slice of pizza but felt something sticky.

Blood was oozing from the pizza.

“EAT!” growled a menacing voice.

Every hair on Nick stood on end.

“E-E-EAT!!” bellowed the ghoulish voice……

“N-n-noo” whimpered Nick.


snapped the malicious voice.

A huge slice of pizza was stuffed in Nick’s unwilling mouth. It pushed itself in relentlessly, forcing itself down his throat.

There was no air, no way to scream. Nick gasped and thrashed around on the floor.

“You should have been a good boy” came a raspy whisper.


Mrs. Carter cried inconsolably as the doctor pronounced Nick dead due to choking.

No one noticed a pizza guy with a lopsided grin who rode down the road on his bike. “Be good” his whispered chant trailed behind him.


This post is written for Day 14 of #UBC and #DailyChatter



Venice 🙂

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Halloween Shots – Monsoon Magic!

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Monsoon! His favourite season had entered with powerful winds, roaring thunder, electrifying lightning and blinding rain!

Magnificent! He stood spellbound at the overwhelming sight then rushed out of his house to meet his old friend.

“Come back inside, young man” shouted his mother from the kitchen but he didn’t listen to her. The only sound he listened in rapture to was the sound of the wind whistling, the thunder beating its drums, and the rain strumming down on rooftops and trees before finally plinking to the ground.

PUDDLES! he whooped in glee.

SPLASH he went in one, SPLOSH in another.

Puddles were the best part about the rains.

He saw a large one a bit away. That would be a thrill!

HERE I CO-OME!!” he yelled as he ran full speed and jumped in it.

The splash never came, nor did little Jim.

A memorial now marks the spot where Jim was last seen, leaping in mid-air into a fathomless puddle.


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Halloween Shots – Sweet Dreams

halloween shots, sweet dreams, halloween, ultimate blogging challenge, UBC, daily chatter, horror, spooky, ghost, fiction, story, supernatural, cartoon, zombie

It was one of those days when everything decides to go wrong. The day when life decides to stretch lazily on the beach, sipping on a pina colada while enjoying the spectacle of us tearing our hair out while trying vainly to get out of a quagmire of mess.

Thus it was with a huge sigh of relief that Susanne flopped down on her couch and turned the television on.

She tuned into a comedy channel – she really, sorely required a nice, good laugh after the harrowing day she had.

Soon she was chuckling, guffawing and laughing out loud.

When sleep stole over her, she didn’t know.

She had strange dreams, of being on a television show with cartoon characters who didn’t have teeth and zombies whose hands kept slapping their own faces.

She half giggled in her sleep and it woke her.

She peered around drowsily. It was dark all around and in front of her… in front of her…

Susanne looked out at herself lying in front of the television she was IN!

Now you’re one of us, sweetie” lisped a chilling sweet voice from beside her.

SMACK! came the sound of a slap from the other side…


This post is written for Day 12 of #UBC and #DailyChatter



Venice 🙂