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Sunny in Winter

loneliness, 5 minutes story, tiny tale, mini story, friendship

PC: Taryn Elliott

A piercing ice-cold wave of loneliness swept over her as she sat in the midst of her classmates.

She gazed at them as though through a veil. Their chatter sounded muffled… distant.

As if in slow motion, she saw Danny throwing a chalk, Ria opening her mouth wide in a hearty laugh, and Ira sharing the latest hottest gossip.

Loneliness had frozen her. If only she could thaw, she could be a part of them.

“You okay?” asked Sunny.

“Uhm… yes…”

“You sure? You look a bit pale” continued Sunny, taking a seat beside her.

She shifted a bit, “I’m fine.”

“Yeah… no, I don’t believe anyone who says they’re fine” chuckled Sunny.

She paused, let out a breath, “You can believe me.”

“I believe what you’re not saying”

“Then why ask at all?”

“Because I want to hear it from you. It’s okay to say you’re not fine. There’s no need to hide, it’s safe to tell me.”

There was a brief silence as he waited patiently.

She braved herself.

A slow lift of her eyelids, a glance into a pair of his warm, understanding eyes.

‘CRACK’ ripped across her frozen void, the veil melted away, and the sounds came alive in her ears.

“I’m not fine” she confessed.

Sunny smiled, “I’m all ears.”

She felt the warmth of sitting in front of a fireplace, steaming cup of coffee in hand, with a cozy blanket wrapping her as she poured out her heart.



Venice 🙂

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I’ve got the ocean ‘blues’

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PC: VeniceRowe

Even the air at home has become routine.

Icy fresh winds whistle awake my mornings, sticky heaviness settles during the day, and it always ends with the tantalizing fragrance of the sea ebbing and flowing through my window at twilight hours.

I wait impatiently for dusk everyday.

Imprisoned in my home since the past few months, the lilting evening breeze is the closest way I can soak myself in the comforting arms of the ocean.

Each little whiff washes away my day’s chaos and monotony.

It’s soothing spell relaxes, and massages my weary head.

I slip into dreams of sand slipping between my toes, cool waves caressing my feet, and hands shaping sandcastles.

There she lies before my eyes, her tender blues melting into the horizon.

I smile.

I can’t wait for the day I can run into her again…



Venice 🙂

Poem, Self


Sandcastle, poem, venicerowe, 5 minutes

I bring my hands together,
and heap up sand.
My little sandcastle,
stands imperfectly before the vast ocean.

Little waves dance around it,
little by little,
they take away a bit of sand,
and still she stands,

I dig a moat around her,
to keep her safe.
The tide rushes in,
and fills up the moat.

Before we know it,
a fierce wave
casts its shadows on her
before smashing down.

A heap of sand remains,
as the wave ebbs.
I think she’s a hero
because, she’s still there.

Though her shape no longer remains,
she still stands,
waiting for the next wave,
knowing that she will soon cease to exist,
but staying there all the same.

I sit by her side,
until I have to bid her goodbye.
I’ll build another one tomorrow,
the day after, and after that.

No wave can stop me from building a sandcastle.

Venice 🙂