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Dream come True – 1st Ebook out!


I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Huma whose ebook ‘Dare to Dream’ is also a part of the mix.


About Huma’s ebook: Written in a simple language about ‘Simple changes that can bring big difference in your lifestyle’. It is an interesting read of two parts:

1. Create your vision & define your goals.

2. Take easy steps to achieve your goals. Includes 3 practical exercises.

If you’ve always wanted a steady and realistic guide to live a high value life, then Huma’s ‘Dare to Dream’ will help you walk on the right path.


Hi guys,

I’m returning to this space after a long time, and with good news!

I have recently written and published my 1st Ebook ‘Live Laugh Love’. I participated in Blogchatter’s Ebook Carnival where my ebook has been featured, so if you want to give it a read please click the link: Live Laugh Love

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About Live Laugh Love: My ebook consists of 15 short bytes on Life, Laughter, and Love.

I’m not one to blow my trumpet, but this is one time I’m resorting to it because it felt extremely good to know that several people have identified with my writing, and have found solace and direction in life after reading my ebook.

Many of the pieces have been written from my personal experiences, and it feels amazing to receive such warm reception and feedback. I hope that you too find something that echoes in your heart, and hope that my writing helps you in life and love.

You can check out the honest review of my ebook, penned by Lance Quadras here: Book Review – “Live Laugh Love” by Venice Rowe

Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of writing my own book and publishing it, so doing this was a step up for me toward making my dream real. I have several more books planned, so hang around, will ya! 😉


I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Saba whose ebook ‘The A2Z of Globetrotting’ is also part of the mix.

About Saba’s ebook: A2Z of globetrotting is about the best from the various places across the globe. It takes you on an exhilarating journey across the globe with the prominent factory of these places described briefly yet cover their diversities.


Do shower the ebooks on Blogchatter with views, reads, and feedback! Each of the participants have put in a lot of love and effort into publishing their ebooks and it would be super duper awesome if you shared with us about how our ebooks influenced and captured your life.

Looking forward to hearing you heap us with praises, and constructive feedback 😉



Venice 🙂

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Book Review – Wheels of Time ~ Nidhi Garg

If you love stories that are thought-provoking, insightful, and inspiring to read, then Wheels of Time by Nidhi Garg is the perfect read for you.

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About the Book

This ebook features 12 short and sweet tales that revolve around life, people, and situations. The stories cover topics like coping with death of a loved one, love, family bonds, and friendship besides others. The endings have a slight twist that engages you to think over things and gain new perspectives.

What I Liked about the Book

  1. Easy, simple, reader-friendly language by Nidhi makes for a smooth reading experience.
  2. The story concepts are unique while being realistic.
  3. All the stories have a good pace, not too fast and not too slow – it’s a leisure read.
  4. Nidhi has worked on providing a beautiful visual experience for the reader by using a sepia toned gradient background that’s easy on the eyes.

My Review

Nidhi has written stories that makes the reader see beyond face value of everyday instances, relationships, feelings, and thoughts. She has a good hold over the story and characters that keep you reading till the end.

The writing needs a bit of polishing, mainly the grammar, articles, and tenses. As interesting as the stories are, a good bit of editing can tighten up the scripts and make them more enjoyable.

Stories to Look out for

All the stories are beautiful, but three stories that stood out for me were:

  1. Zest of Life
  2. Be so Happy
  3. Listen from Heart

I’m sure you will find your own favourite stories in Wheels of Time, who knows, you may even find answers to life’s puzzles in here!

Read Nidhi’s wonderful stories by clicking the link below! 

Wheels of Time ~ Nidhi Garg


About the author: 

GS Nidhi is a ferocious reader who believes, “A writing pad and books are your best friends.” She started her blog almost 5 years back, “https://gratitude2wardslife.blog/” She dedicates this book to herself and her Late mother.

Book Blurb: 

These are 12 people, 12 tales and 12 months. Which says “When The Unexpected Leads to Expected.”


Do check out the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival for more incredible ebooks!

Happy reading!!!



Venice 🙂

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My Favourites of Rajasthani Cuisine – Shalini [Guest Post]

Hey guys, I’ve got the talented, warm, friendly, and awesome Shalini of Shalzmojo here today with her guest post on her favourite dishes from the Rajasthani cuisine. It’s going to be a mouth-watering read 😉

I am a Marwari belonging originally to Jaipur in Rajasthan and though I didn’t live there long enough, I possess a liking for this cuisine. Its strange cause my mom is not Marwari and has never cooked most of these dishes at home. Yet I have a curious affinity to the Rajasthani food or so I found out when I started traveling to this region. I am going to take you through this cuisine with my eyes and beg for your patience to indulge me please.

Rajasthani cuisine is not all about Dal Batti Choorma – something which has found favour with the tourists as it’s over sold as the “ethnic” stuff. In Rajasthani kitchen, the gram flour or besan is used very extensively and somewhere I think it forms the basis of this cuisine.

Let’s start with Kadhi – it’s a dish prepared by beating some yoghurt and gram flour together and then cooked with spices to prepare a delicious gravy dish. Dumplings are also made out of gram flour and water mixture which are fried and then soaked in the gravy. Yummmm!!! Though there are various versions of this dish in other cuisines- Gujarati, Sindhi, Punjabi, etc- my favourite is this one and I can live on it – I swear!!


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Next comes the famous gatta curry which is made with gram flour again. A blend of spices, ginger paste is mixed with gram flour to make a thick batter out of which cylindrical pieces are made and fried. Later these are soaked in hot water, then cut into small roundels which are then cooked in a tomato based gravy. Oh man…… this is ultimate nirvana to me (second to the Kadhi) And in the thali, it’s placed next to it!!!

Then comes Ker Sangri – this is a local vegetable indigenous to the desert. It’s a bean like veggie which is cooked with typical spices and is a little crunchy and tangy In texture and taste.  Order a Rajasthani thali in Rajasthan and 99% of the times, this would be one of the many dishes on it.

guest post, blog hop, shalini, mymojo, wordsante, rajasthan, cuisine, food, culture, thali

Another yummy item in this cuisine is the Tamatar ki subzi! Now we all know that the ephermal debate of whether Tomato is a fruit or a veggie has been on-going for decades now. But in Rajasthani kitchens it’s given the full honour of being a vegetable and a whole dish is dedicated to it. The tomatoes are cut into half and cooked for a little while; just enough to soften them but quite retain the bite. This is cooked in its juices with a few spices and garlic. Trust me when I say – this is mind-blowing and has no similarities to its chutney form or the soup avatar.

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Ok enough talk of savoury and now let’s talk sweet!

guest post, blog hop, shalini, mymojo, wordsante, rajasthan, cuisine, food, culture, thali

I am sure you are no stranger to Boondi – those tiny balls which are soft and sweet; often soaking with syrup. This can be had on its own or is compressed to form Laddoos – again it’s made out of gram flour (isn’t it quite versatile?) and is quite a delicacy in Rajasthan. It’s served as a side dish to the main dessert; almost like an of course!!

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Then there is the infamous Ghevar which is quite a creative sweet as it’s very artistic in its presentation. It’s made out of all-purpose flour and sugar and is quite the thing to make on weddings and bigger festivals of Rajasthan. I love its honeycomb look which lends it some crispness even as the whole thing is quite soft and juicy.

guest post, blog hop, shalini, mymojo, wordsante, rajasthan, cuisine, food, culture, thali

Of course there are tonnes of other stuff of note in this cuisine, I haven’t quite scratched the surface yet. There is the famous pittod, methi ki chutney, bajre ki khichdi, mirchi bada, papad ki subzi and in the non-vegetarian section, there are delicacies like jungle maas, Laal maas, etc. But that’s I guess a post for another day as today I am only talking about some of the stuff that gets me drooling in this cuisine!!


Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites and maybe I have managed to change your perception of this awesome cuisine and next time you try out stuff other than Dal Baati Choorma!!


About Shalzmojo

An interior designer by profession, writing is a passion which coupled with travel love blossomed into this blog where I love to just “do my thing”! Be it recipes, food events, travel jaunts, fiction dreaming or even meditative musings; all of it’s taken up quite passionately on my blog. I am a serious wine guzzler and love to chase butterflies in my free time.

Read about my tryst with Armenian-Bengali cuisine here

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